Malacca Vacation 2017

June 20, 2017

The last time my husband and I went to Malacca was in 2014, when I was 5 months pregnant with Hanna. Since it is quite some time, we decided to go there again this year. This vacation is actually for our 4th anniversary celebration. Our anniversary is on 25th May but this year, Ramadhan had started on the last week of May, hence our advanced trip :)

We chose to stay at Bayou Lagoon Resort, Ayer Keroh for 3D2N since its location is near to the attractions and eateries in Malacca. I booked via Agoda for RM 360 and the price I paid inclusive of 2 times entry for the water park and breakfast. Yup, worth it. The room is a studio type that comes with jacuzzi. Well, it is okay for the price and clean room, just that I think the place is not maintain properly. So, for our accommodation, I give 3/5 rating.

First Day
After resting for a while we went to Melaka Raya area. I can say that this is the center of attractions where all the historical buildings are here. Since this time around we have Hanna, she was excited to see the trishaw (a.k.a beca). And of course, she wants to get on it! Well, since bawak budak, nak malu ape kan. Haha! Actually that was our first time of riding a trishaw. For 10 minutes ride, you pay RM 25. The trishaw will go around the area and you can stop for a while to take some pictures. 

Of course, around 6 p.m we are so hungry. Me being the planner, I've selected places to eat ahead of time..hihi. For dinner on our first day in Malacca, we went to Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. It is a halal eateries, so no worries. We ordered half chicken, rice ball, chicken rice, sambal squid and fish ball soup. All for RM 80 plus, sorry can't remember the exact figure. Super duper delicious! And the service is fast too. I love this kind of place. How to get there? You can just waze "Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball". It is a intermediate shop lot and have giant sign board. You won't miss it. 

Second Day
It is the day we decided to go to those attractions in Malacca. Our first stop is the Taman Buaya. The place does not only for us to see the crocodiles but there are other things we can do there. We fed the rabbits and also koi fish. Of course Hanna is excited because she loves animals! Oh yeah, there is also mini Malaysia, which is actually the miniature historical buildings in Malaysia. We spent about 1.5 hours here. Since, it's getting hot, we decided to go to our next stop.

Muka i cuak ok, dekat sangat dengan buaya!

Rabbit feeding time

Our next stop is Taman Rama-rama and Reptilia Melaka. The place is nearby Taman Buaya, so if you plan to visit both, just do it on the same day. The place is much cooler, I guess because it is not as open as Taman Buaya. We bought some souvenir here and our visit end about 1.5 hours too here. After we had lunch at Aida Cafe, we went back to our room to rest and for Hanna's nap.

That evening, before we hit Pantai Klebang for sight seeing, we stop at Klebang Original Coconut shake, well of course, to buy coconut shakes :P Actually we want to relax a bit before we had dinner, so a stroll along the beach seems like a good idea. This time around, Hanna does not feel scared of sand anymore. She used to cry when her feet touch anything "gross" like grass and sand but she's older now so that explains why. We then had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung. The food is delicious, service was great and price very reasonable! 

Klebang beach 

2 dishes of ikan siakap not in pic :P

Last Day
We just want to hit the water theme park. Haha!

Yay! More vacations like this for our little family, InsyaAllah :)

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