Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ramadhan and Hari Raya Preparation 2017

As I'm typing this, it's just left about 4 days before Hari Raya. So, how's your Ramadhan this year? Hopefully, towards the end of this holy month, our 'performance' is better than first week of Ramadhan. And I think the most important thing is not to overspend as it is indeed something that the devil loves and we should avoid in falling into this habit.

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My first 3 weeks of Ramadhan is without my husband as he needs to works outside the country. Even though, he is a frequent traveler, in our 4 years of marriage, this is the first time we welcome Ramadhan separately. Still, I am grateful that we still had the chance to meet Ramadhan again this year. Talk about being a 'single' parent for a month, it is difficult as I am used to cook various and new recipes specially for my husband. But when, I am the only one here, so of course, more to the bazars (haha) rather than home cooked meals. Then, the Raya shopping. I've promised my husband that we will go together to the mall to shop for us and Hanna. The waiting game thought me to be very patient, even I've had bad days. That's how this Ramadhan really different from previous years.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Malacca Vacation 2017

The last time my husband and I went to Malacca was in 2014, when I was 5 months pregnant with Hanna. Since it is quite some time, we decided to go there again this year. This vacation is actually for our 4th anniversary celebration. Our anniversary is on 25th May but this year, Ramadhan had started on the last week of May, hence our advanced trip :)