How To Sell On Carousell For Newbies

March 14, 2017

There would be one of the days that my aunty (Hanna's babysitter) would said things like this "All of Hanna's clothes cannot fit anymore" or something like this "Hanna don't have anything to wear anymore". And that was in the middle of the month. Gee..seriously? But yes, as a mom I felt guilty and responsible for her to have clothes to wear.

So I was thinking how to raise quick money to buy some clothes for her and not burn a big hole in my pocket. Then I remembered one of my friends made a post on selling her branded kids' clothes on Facebook. Hey, why not? Haha. I quickly opened up the boxes where I kept Hanna's old clothes and sorted those clothes that I think still okay to sell. I posted on Facebook and of course there was quite a number of PM came in. But when I decided to put listings in Carousell, there it was! I made quite a lot from the sales here compared to Facebook. And fast dealing too :) As of today I've listed 27 items on Carousell, and I sold off 11 items (3 of them via private chat with buyer only..hihi) within a week. Quite okay right? :)

I've gathered some tips on how you can sell more on Carousell and would like to share it with you. Perhaps, when you sold off your items, it'll help you declutter and get some money. Any extra money would definitely help kan? So here are my tips...

#1 Take a nice picture. 
Seriously. Take a flatlay (or whatever style that fits you) with a plain background. I've taken my photos with red background (which it is my carpet anyway). Messy and patterned background would not help the potential buyer to focus on what you are selling. 

#2 Item Category
Please choose the most accurate to the item you are selling. For myself, I am selling kids clothes, well to be specific toddler apparels for age 1Y-2Y. So, when I choose the category, I choose girls apparels instead of baby clothings.

#3 Item Name
I will start like this "H & M Tulle Kitty Dress" instead of "Kitty Dress" or "Tulle Dress" etc. Putting the brand name would be helpful as people on Carousell will always looking for branded item deals.

#4 Honest and Detailed Description
If your item has defect please put it in the item description. If you're selling non original items please also put that in. Your online reputation is very important if you want to sell online. And also please be as detailed as possible. For example, dress for girls, it's good to know what is the material, inner lining or not, zipper or button on the back etc.

I've mentioned there is a minor defect on the yellow romper

#5 Stay Active
Post up few listing a day and try to reply potential buyers chat asap. You know the saying that 'time is money'. It applies here.. sooner you reply those chats, the faster you'll get a deal (hopefully) 😂

#6 Good Feedback
Try to get the buyers to leave their feedback on your profile. Good feedback will surely help. But if you get bad feedback, don't be defensive. Stay professional and reply back to the feedback in courteous manner to help clear the air :)

#7 Try to Get Featured on Carousell and Happy Carouselling!

P/s: Here is my Carousell profile, in case you're looking for your kid's clothes. I only sell items that are still wearable, don't worry :)

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