A Visit to Farm In The City: Toddler Approved Activities And Tips

January 05, 2017

Happy 2017! 

Today I'm back at the office after a long holiday :)

I just want to share with you where we brought Hanna during the public holiday last Monday. We went to  Farm In The City at Seri Kembangan. For those who still wondering whether or not your kid will love it there, you must give it a try. First, you can check their Facebook page for more info on the exact location and entrance fee.

Hanna loves to see animals. But she actually quite scared to touch them especially the big animals, even cats #justlikemommy. But she had a great time there. So, I want to share with you, what can you do with your toddler there and some tips that can be useful to make the visit an enjoyable ones.


#1 Schedule a good time
For us, the time is between Hanna's woke up time and before noon nap. This is when she has the highest energy and least cranky. So, we went out of our home around 10.30 am and reached Farm In The City about 11.00 am.

#2 Get breakfast before entering
It's good to at least eat something as you need the energy to to walk around that place. Plus, the food inside it's quite pricey. I bought a mineral water and bottle ice lemon tea, total damages were RM 8. See, pricey! So eat first then only went inside.

#3 Get the Farm In The City's map
There are stack of maps located near the entrance ticket counters. Please get one. It is useful if you have one specific animal category that your kid wants to look first. Like Hanna always excited to see the rabbits. So take a look at the map and go!

#4 Let your toddler try to feed the animals
I let Hanna feed the giant tortoise and guinea pigs, with my supervision of course. She fed them with green vegetables, where the you can get it from the staffs there. Apart from that, Hanna enjoyed feeding the fishes and ducks in the pond. For feeding the fishes and ducks you can get the pellet in the green containers near the feeding area. And if it's not enough (read: your kid still want to feed), you can buy more at the pellet kiosk nearby. 1 box of pellet costs RM 2 :)

#5 Encourage your toddler to touch the animals.
You can show your kid how to pet the animals. Encourage is good but never force them if they do not want it. Hanna actually tried to touch the guinea pigs and rabbits with her one finger. Haha! 

#6 Alert when your toddler is scared.
If your kid started to cry or shout, please just carry him/her. There are really big animals there, and your kid might not be comfortable walking surrounded by them.

#7 Get family photo with the giant tortoise
This is my favorite! Haha. Our photo is taken by the staff there. Usually, we will take a look at the photo first before buying it but the photos taken are good so there you go, RM 22 for 6R picture. 

Okay, one last tip.. wear comfortable clothes (1 layer are the most preferred) and hats, keeps hydrated, comfortable shoes and please mommies, sling bags or backpacks are the best for this :D

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