Unexpected Diagnosed: What To Do?

November 01, 2016

The past 2 weeks, I can say that I am not well. The definition of 'not well' is that I can't even get up to drive for work. But the pain is not a continuous pain. On contrary, what I experienced is a sharp pain out of sudden. The pain that can stopped me from whatever I was doing at that time. There was this one time, I am in the middle of grocery shopping and the pain decided to "visit".

Then I decided that's it. Time to check what's going on, really. I went to normal clinic which have the scanner (yes, like the baby scanner machine) and undergone urine test as well. As the result shown, I was infected by urinary tract infection (UTI). I've caught UTI when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Hanna before. However, I suspected that I may have cyst, as the sharp pain always at the abdominal area and on the left side. But in order to scan, I must have full bladder or else the cyst is difficult to see. The GP then, prescribed me with antibiotic and paracetamol in case of any fever. Okay, fine, let's do antibiotic. After finished the antibiotic, it felt normal. 

Last Saturday, it started to feel pain, again. The sharp pain on the left side and my abdominal area. And this time around, I went to the same clinic and the GP decided to scan. I purposely hold my pee in order to ease her during scanning. Then, there it was.. the cyst. 

How I felt? Nothing compared when she first told me she suspected me of having ectopic pregnancy last 2 years (yes, the same GP as her clinic is in front of my house). I then learnt that I do not need to panic even this is the first time I'm having this. She prescribed me..urm..painkiller this time.

Personally, even I know cyst of that size is normal, I usually will trust my gut feeling. I am not comfortable with just only GP's opinion this time. So, I decided for a follow up with my Gynae instead. So, appointment have been set! We'll see and hopefully nothing serious. 

So, what to do when you're not expecting a serious diagnose?

#1 Do not panic
When you're panicking, you're less likely to think properly. So, you brain might not really processing the doctor's input on your conditions. When this happened, how you're going to know what are your options are.

#2 Trust you doctor, but trust your gut as well
Of course the doctor are professionally capable of expressing their medical opinion. But if you're not comfortable with a doctor, you have the option of going for second opinion. In my case, I choose to follow up with a specialist.

#3 Research (Google)
Especially if you're seeking second opinion. you may want to know more about your conditions. Of course you cannot rely 100% on the internet. But you may want to get ready to ask more questions to your specialist later.

#4 Accept your condition as part of the test from Allah
When I wanted to get pregnant so bad, the first diagnose of possibility of ectopic pregnancy was devastating. Yes, I cried of course. But then I stopped and say, kalau bukan rezeki lagi, it's okay. People will say what they want, you know 'your condition is balasan etc'..well..so be it. Then after tests run by the specialist, Alhamdulillah, it was normal pregnancy after all. 

#5 Stay positive
Get on with your life. Do what makes you happy. I actually will be off for vacation with my husband and Hanna later this week. Yea..so be happy, be positive! Enjoy the moment :)

Yours truly,

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