Mom Tips: Alone Time

November 03, 2016


I know every mom wants to spend time with their children as much as possible. Regardless whether you're working or you're a housewife. However, I know you must want your alone time to do whatever you love. Let it be shopping, reading a book or having lunch with your bestie. Yes! A mom still needs alone time too.

Personally, I need my alone time at least once a month. Well, depends on which kind of alone time we're talking here. Let say, if it's reading a book, well I read 2 new books a month. Okay la kot. Haha. Shopping? Hurm let's see.. quarterly activity :p How about meeting up with my friends? In a year, 2-3 times, I guess. Good enough since everyone is busy so that is the time we're catching up with each other's life.

So, what exactly I love to do doing my alone time?

#1 Reading a book and having my coffee at any coffee shop

#2 Experimenting food at new places with friends

#3 Enjoying dessert!

#4 Catching up time with former colleague at a conference / seminar / external training
#5 The annual meet up with the bestie, of course! :)
Being a mom is tiring, exhausted and so on.. So this is the time when you have the time and space to do what you love. When you do what you love of course you'll be happy. Happy mom, happy kids (and husband) right? From my experience of my mom alone time, I felt energetic and I am happy to entertain Hanna to whatever playing idea she has on her mind. 

Start slow and steady. Try to pick the simplest activity that you love first. Maybe a coffee date with your bestie for 2 hours. You will be feeling guilty at first, but when you experienced the result, you know this is a good thing for you and eventually for your kids. When you're get used to it, you can add more activity in your alone time. But please remember one activity per alone time, or else it will be too overwhelm.

Not to overdo it. Being a mom comes with heavy responsibilities. If your child is suddenly sick please cancel your alone time. Your partner's agreement for this alone time is also important. If your partner is reluctant, slowly persuade him. Let him babysit your kid(s) alone and he will understand why you need this.  

Till then, happy alone time moms! ;)

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