Itinerary Langkawi 2016 - Family with Toddler

November 10, 2016

My little family went for a long (read: 4D3N) vacation and this time we choose Langkawi. I've been there before and so did my husband. But that was when we were single. So, lots of places and food to be enjoyed and explored as a family for this trip ;) So, how do you plan your trip smoothly especially when your family includes an active toddler? Here is my itinerary for your references.

We took early morning flight (too early), a 7.30 am MAS flight from KLIA. Since it's an early flight, we just drove to KLIA and parked at the long term parking. The rate you can check here. Before we boarded into the plane, my husband made a quick call to alert the rental car that we will be reaching Langkawi about an hour time.  About 8.30 am we already reached Langkawi airport and 9.30 am we are out of the airport. And vacation begins..Yeay!

We drove to Pantai Cenang to get our breakfast. If you drive along that area, there are a lot of stalls where you can enjoy either local or international delicacies. Of course we had the locals; Nasi Lemak Ayam and Soto :) It's just 10.30 am when we are done with our breakfast. So, we strolled around Langkawi (by car of course) playing tourist..hihi. Then, around 11.00 am we went to Bay View Hotel, Kuah for an early check in. 

We rested about 3 hours before headed out for late lunch. We decided to try out the
Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi at Pantai Cenang. The food is good and service was fast. Plus, the price is okay. 

We chose Ikan Siakap Deep 3 Rasa Set for 3.

You can easily see the signboards of the restaurant, don't worry. One more thing, if you went there on Friday, please take note that it will only open after Friday prayer. We reached there around 3.00 pm and it is already opened. Then we headed back to hotel since we felt a bit tired and Hanna needed her nap. 

Around 8.00 pm, we headed out for our dinner. According to my initial plan, we were supposed to try out Uncle Jai's Cafe at Pekan Kuah but unfortunately it's already packed :( With heavy rain, we just simply chose the Thai restaurant near the hotel. It's at the corner along the shop lots opposite Bayview. Please, don't go there. It's overpriced and very poor service! 

We had our breakfast at the hotel as it's included with our room. Around 9 am we headed out to Oriental Village. From Kuah to here, it is about 30 minutes. Of course the main attraction here is the cable car and Skybridge. I've bought online tickets (Combo B) for the 3 of us one week before we went to Langkawi. These Combo B is RM 154 for the 3 of us and include cable car ride + Skytrex + SkyDome + Art in Paradise. You can check it here. Experience level 4.5/5..Yeay!

Art in Paradise
is what we as family enjoyed most I think. Hanna really enjoyed her time there as she loves to pose around all the arts. Well, if your kid is just like Hanna, this is a great place to bring them. Let's their creativity show! :D

Such a poser!

We then headed back to hotel for rest and Hanna's nap. But before that, we had our lunch at
Restoran Selera Pantai Timur, Kuah. Again, this restaurant can be easily be spotted as it is on the side road. Ikan bakar, ayam bakar, seafood bakar and ulam together with air asam and sambal belacan, Yes, that kind of food..hihi

Around 5.00 pm we decided to take a walk at the beach. What's beach vacation without a visit at the beach right? Luckily the weather is a good. For those of you who want to try out parasailing or any other activity, here is your chance. Well, for us we just take a look (and video). Since we were at Pantai Cenang area, we decided to buy some chocolates at Free Duty Zone (near Underwater World Langkawi).

Pantai Cenang

And since we're out already out, around 6.30 pm we're decided to have dinner at Uncle Jai's Cafe, Kuah. We ordered Siakap Stim Cili Limau, Sambal Bamboo, Sizzling Japanese Tofu and Veggies, Sotong Goreng Tepung, and also XL size of apple and watermelon juices. Well, 4.5/5 for the food and services!

It's time to rest for tomorrow's activity.

After breakfast, we headed out to Underwater World Langkawi. Hanna is at the age where she is exploring and bringing her here is a great experience. Of course, both of us had been here before but this time it's more for Hanna. I've bought the ticket at Groupon and for Hanna it's free. Under 4 years old, if I'm not mistaken, the entrance fee is FOC. She loves the fishes (the big ones, not so much), penguins, and of course the birds. We spent about 1.5 hours there before headed out.

Around 11.30 am, I we decided to shop for more chocolates, so to Haji Ismail Group (HIG) complex we went. After about 30 minutes, we then finished our shopping and went straight to lunch. After lunch, as usual we are back at the hotel for rest and Hanna's nap.

At 5.00 pm, we went to Believe It Museum at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall. It is situated near Dataran Lang and Kuah Jetty. For the tickets, I've bought at Groupon as well for the two of us. Again, Hanna's entrance is FOC..hehe. Since Hanna really loves Art in Paradise, we thought she would love it here. Basically it's the same concept, I guess. But the minute she entered she cried because there was two huge transformers at the entrance. Then, of course her mood was spoiled and she wanted to be out of there. Personally, I think the place is okay but the paintings are a bit scary for kids. If your kids are more than 5 years old, I think it should be alright. 

Dataran Lang (yea..the eagle is at the other side)

Once we were out of there, we still had plenty of time before dinner. So we went to Dataran Lang for Hanna's evening walk. Then, to get her back to her happy mood we brought her to the nearby playground. Of course, she was ecstatic! Phew~ By 6.30 pm, we drove to EE Trimula Burger, Kuah for our dinner. This place was known for its cheap western food. So, we ordered Steak, Oblong Lamb and Clam Chowder, together with juices. Price only RM 30 plus. Yes, cheap! The taste was just okay, so I'd give 3/5.Okay, the location is opposite Bella Vista hotel. You will see lots of other stalls there and if you see, Restoran Kauboi, you need to go behind this restaurant and then you will see
EE Trimula Burger.  

Muka taknak balik :P

At 8.00 pm, we arrived at the hotel and rest as this is our final night here.

We had our breakfast (not too early) since check out is at 12.00 pm and our flight was at 3.00 pm. After breakfast, we packed our bags and then checked out. We still had time before headed to the airport. So, we decided to take the last stroll at Pekan Kuah and ended up buying more chocolates. I'll make one review on where to buy which chocolates at the cheapest price. Maybe, it'll help you save a few bucks.

We had our lunch at Kuah before headed to the airport. Then around 1.00 pm after handed over the rental car key, we then checked in for our flight. We then reached KLIA around 4.00 pm. End of the vacation :)

Okay, so here are some tips for parents with toddler(s) when travelling to Langkawi

#1 Online Booking Places You Want To Go
Utilize Groupon / official websites if you want to go to places that are expected for you to queue. You'll save money and time. And you won't irritate your little ones by waiting too long in a line.

#2 Light Planning
Don't cramped too many activities in a day. The maximum is two. Why? Your toddler needs nap and you too need rest. You don't want a fussy toddler and be a grumpy parent through out the trip.

#3 Know What Your Toddler Love (and Hate / Scare)
You know your own child. Brought them to places that they love. If they're not interested or scared to try out the activities at a particular place, cut the trip short. You know, Hanna scared of height and beach. So, we lose the cable car ride and shortened the visit to the beach.

#4 Ease On The Shopping
Target what you want to shop, let it be for your own or as souvenir. My target is shopping for chocolate. So I don't buy anything else. Haha. Plus, you would not want to overload your luggage and ended up with no money when you're back.

#5 Flying
Okay, this is Hanna's first time travelling. So, after the first experience (KL-Langkawi), she cried for 20 minutes and yes, we learnt our lesson. We need stuffs to distract her. So, before departure, we gave her the pacifier. We also downloaded few cartoons episodes which she really loves. Alhamdulillah, she cried a bit (less than 1 minute).

#6 Food
Google top places to eat in Langkawi. But I limited, 1 place per day. Budget friendly and also I want to try other places that were not in the list. Sometimes, the list is overrated, right?

We forgot to bring that selfie stick!

So, have fun planning your end of year holiday and happy holiday!

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