How To Enjoy Social Party When You're A Mom

November 23, 2016

On 9th November, I attended my company's annual dinner. Apparently, it is the annual dinner that everyone is looking for since it's been a few years since the last one. The dinner was at Sunway Resort & Spa in Bandar Sunway and before I forgot to mention, the theme was Ruby. You know the ruby red and ruby stone, yup that kind of theme.

What I wore:
Long red ruby dress - Jesvyn SCM (RM 45)
Satin silk printed shawl - gift from my mom (FOC)
Nude clutch - Bonita (RM 39)
Bracelet & Necklace - Old collection

As a mom, of course there would be the guilty feeling of having good time without your kid(s), in my case without my Hanna. But remember this post ? Now, I know that I need my alone time. But how to enjoy it if I am constantly thinking about my kid. Well, I'm going to share my tips with you guys.

#1 Talk to your kid about coming home late
I did this. You know how kid can get attached with schedule and when it is interrupted, well.. you get one very unhappy toddler. What I did, is that everyday for a week, I just casually tell Hanna, that I am going to pick her up late on Friday. "Mama nanti ambik Hanna lambat tau hari Jumaat". Not to complex for a toddler to understand right :)

#2 Get a reliable (and trustworthy) babysitter 
I know it's not easy to get a babysitter especially the reliable ones. But you can search the good ones via friends or family recommendations. Hey, if you have family nearby, there is no harm in asking them to babysit. And make sure you have your contact ready for the babysitter, in case of any emergency.

#3 Don't Overthink
If you want to enjoy your night out, just do it. After all, maybe it is once a year thing. You should not feeling like you're a bad mom or anything. Even your kid gets play date. Haha.

#4 Don't Make Any Promises (Empty Ones Especially)
You know how you want it to be easy, like you make some promises to your kid to get her/him to keep quiet. "We'll go to the park tomorrow because I'll be late tonight", "Let's buy some new toys tomorrow as I'll be home late today". All those promises are just ways to suppress your guilty feeling. Am I right? Just don't, because kids have strong memories and they'll remember.

#5 No kids topics
Well, during the party time, don't discuss the topics on kids. Whatever topics are fine but not about your kids (or work of course).

#6 Reminder To You Kid
On that day, read #1 and enjoy your night!

I think that's about it, what I did to enjoy my night out. So, here are some of the pictures taken during the dinner. 

Well, a once a while night out like this doesn't define what kind of mom are you. It's just describe you as a person. You don't have to be anti social just because you're a mom. It's just that you know who you are and the way you carry yourself at a social party is more important.

p/s: I went back at home at 11 p.m after I collected my lucky draw prize. Yea..that early..such a mom right? Haha

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