Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How To Enjoy Social Party When You're A Mom

On 9th November, I attended my company's annual dinner. Apparently, it is the annual dinner that everyone is looking for since it's been a few years since the last one. The dinner was at Sunway Resort & Spa in Bandar Sunway and before I forgot to mention, the theme was Ruby. You know the ruby red and ruby stone, yup that kind of theme.

What I wore:
Long red ruby dress - Jesvyn SCM (RM 45)
Satin silk printed shawl - gift from my mom (FOC)
Nude clutch - Bonita (RM 39)
Bracelet & Necklace - Old collection

As a mom, of course there would be the guilty feeling of having good time without your kid(s), in my case without my Hanna. But remember this post ? Now, I know that I need my alone time. But how to enjoy it if I am constantly thinking about my kid. Well, I'm going to share my tips with you guys.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Itinerary Langkawi 2016 - Family with Toddler

My little family went for a long (read: 4D3N) vacation and this time we choose Langkawi. I've been there before and so did my husband. But that was when we were single. So, lots of places and food to be enjoyed and explored as a family for this trip ;) So, how do you plan your trip smoothly especially when your family includes an active toddler? Here is my itinerary for your references.

We took early morning flight (too early), a 7.30 am MAS flight from KLIA. Since it's an early flight, we just drove to KLIA and parked at the long term parking. The rate you can check here. Before we boarded into the plane, my husband made a quick call to alert the rental car that we will be reaching Langkawi about an hour time.  About 8.30 am we already reached Langkawi airport and 9.30 am we are out of the airport. And vacation begins..Yeay!

We drove to Pantai Cenang to get our breakfast. If you drive along that area, there are a lot of stalls where you can enjoy either local or international delicacies. Of course we had the locals; Nasi Lemak Ayam and Soto :) It's just 10.30 am when we are done with our breakfast. So, we strolled around Langkawi (by car of course) playing tourist..hihi. Then, around 11.00 am we went to Bay View Hotel, Kuah for an early check in. 

We rested about 3 hours before headed out for late lunch. We decided to try out the
Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi at Pantai Cenang. The food is good and service was fast. Plus, the price is okay. 

We chose Ikan Siakap Deep 3 Rasa Set for 3.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mom Tips: Alone Time


I know every mom wants to spend time with their children as much as possible. Regardless whether you're working or you're a housewife. However, I know you must want your alone time to do whatever you love. Let it be shopping, reading a book or having lunch with your bestie. Yes! A mom still needs alone time too.

Personally, I need my alone time at least once a month. Well, depends on which kind of alone time we're talking here. Let say, if it's reading a book, well I read 2 new books a month. Okay la kot. Haha. Shopping? Hurm let's see.. quarterly activity :p How about meeting up with my friends? In a year, 2-3 times, I guess. Good enough since everyone is busy so that is the time we're catching up with each other's life.

So, what exactly I love to do doing my alone time?

#1 Reading a book and having my coffee at any coffee shop

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Unexpected Diagnosed: What To Do?

The past 2 weeks, I can say that I am not well. The definition of 'not well' is that I can't even get up to drive for work. But the pain is not a continuous pain. On contrary, what I experienced is a sharp pain out of sudden. The pain that can stopped me from whatever I was doing at that time. There was this one time, I am in the middle of grocery shopping and the pain decided to "visit".

Then I decided that's it. Time to check what's going on, really. I went to normal clinic which have the scanner (yes, like the baby scanner machine) and undergone urine test as well. As the result shown, I was infected by urinary tract infection (UTI). I've caught UTI when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Hanna before. However, I suspected that I may have cyst, as the sharp pain always at the abdominal area and on the left side. But in order to scan, I must have full bladder or else the cyst is difficult to see. The GP then, prescribed me with antibiotic and paracetamol in case of any fever. Okay, fine, let's do antibiotic. After finished the antibiotic, it felt normal. 

Last Saturday, it started to feel pain, again. The sharp pain on the left side and my abdominal area. And this time around, I went to the same clinic and the GP decided to scan. I purposely hold my pee in order to ease her during scanning. Then, there it was.. the cyst.