Advanced Birthday Celebration

October 05, 2016

Last Saturday, I had my advanced birthday celebration. I was being celebrated by Hanna and his dad Yeay! Thanks, love ;) Well, I always love birthdays, so our little family will celebrate birthdays. Not everyone had the chance to meet their birthday the next year. So, I am grateful if I had the chance every year to do so. Eh, I am not making explanation to eat cakes, okay..haha 

But that morning we are meeting our banker to sign an agreement at Amcorp Mall. So, first before any celebration, we settled everything with the banker. By noon we reached Aeon Shah Alam with the hope that Hanna would not be sleepy and cranky. Fuh, luckily she wasn't. Since we rarely goes to that Aeon, we decided to check out Index Living Mall, you know to survey for future reference..hihi. After not even 1 hour inside the shop, we decided to go for my birthday lunch. When you have a toddler running around in a shop full of glass decoration items, you'll constantly running or shouting. Penat wei jerit mintak Hanna jangan pegang sana pegang sini. Lagi penat dari bawak plastik beg barang groceries. Haha!

We chose to have our lunch at Olive Garden. It is an Italian pasta and cheese are the usual. At first I thought it is an Arabic restaurant! Maybe the ambiance kot. Haha. But, the food was great and prices are reasonable. Each dish comes with a side dish, so we got 2 side dishes. But there are not much variety for the side dishes. Nevertheless, we chose minestrone soup and caesar salad. As for the drinks we chose the bottomless drinks. But we never refill our glass as one time is more than enough (read: glass is very big)

Hubby ordered this. Sorry, I forgot the name.
Basically, it is seafood cooked in tomato cheese soup and served with the rice.
"Macam asam pedas"- Hubby

Chicken parmigiana with pasta.
Yes, I ordered this.

The total bill was about RM 120, which is quite reasonable for the portion and taste. The restaurant is comfortable too. Services quite fast, it is just that at the entry they stated please wait to be seated. However, no one is there and we waited for a while. Then, wth we just enter and asked where can we sit..haha.

Excuse the face. Hanna is more excited for the food than the camera!

Lots of love!

Love, infinitely....
Thanks love for the treat

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