Toddler's Speech Delay. Should You Be Worried?

September 16, 2016

There are some toddlers who can speak fast, some even can speak two words when they are about 1 year plus. Well, that did not happened with Hanna. My family members worried much that she is having speech delay, but as her mom, I know it is alright. How do I know? Yea.. I'm not going to say mother's instinct okay. Haha.

From my observation (yes, I observed my daughter..hehe), Hanna started to babbled a lot when she's about 9 months. Then, Hanna understand our daily instructions to her at the age of 13 months.

"Hanna..tolong letak your shoes dekat tempat kasut".
"Jangan panjat, Hanna".
"Hanna, stop"
"Hanna, tolong mama ambil beg"
"Hanna, don't run"

But at that early age, she cannot really reply back every questions I asked her.

"Hanna, nak susu ke?". She'll then either nod or shock her head.
"Hanna nak apa?". She'll point out whatever she wants.
"Hanna main apa hari ni dengan atok?" Then she mumbled with words I can't hardly understand.

When she's about 20 months old, she knows mama is me. So, she'll call me whenever she wants me with her (read: do something for her). What she don't really know what to say is the word "ayah". For her ayah is "abuuu". Hahaha.. and that continues for couple of months.

But when she hits 2 years old, all of sudden everything changed. She can reply back the questions I asked her (of course, with her toddler's accent but clearer).

Me: Hanna main apa hari ni?
Hanna: En ball (main ball)

Me: Hanna nak apa?
Hanna: Shu (susu)

Me: Hanna nak tengok apa?
Hanna: (Upin and Ipin)

Now, at 26 months old, OMG, she can reply me back with clear 2 words answers and sometimes with sarcasm. Uh-oh. She also now likes to repeat what I say. Sometimes, it is the word I meant for myself only. Must be very careful next time (read: proper word usage ONLY)

Me: Betul ke Hanna nak susu? Nanti Hanna tak minum pun.
Hanna: Nak shu.. Betulllllll (There, the sarcasm. LOL)

Me: Hanna, jom mandi. Busuk la.
Hanna: Nanak (tak nak) mandi.
Me: Sape busuk?
Hanna: Hanyaa( yup, that's how she pronounced her name..haha)

Hanna: Ayah..ayah..tup kap (tutup tingkap)

Hanna: sampah anyak (sampah banyak)

Me: Okay, dah siap!
Hanna: Yeay! *run to her dad
Husband: Hanna, gi kat mama sikat rambut.
Me: Jap..jap
Hanna: Jap..jap

Personally, I am not worried about Hanna's speech development. The same goes to my husband as we know our child. We will let her develop at her own pace. She's an active toddler who loves to play. Her social skills are good and she's friendly with other kids. But here are some links that I can share with you about speech delay in toddlers.

Till then, bye!

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