September 29, 2016

My email has been flooded with this hashtag.. #MYCYBERSALE. You know why? Because I am an online shopaholic :P I always shop online, let it be for clothes (obviously), Hanna's stuffs, organic dried food and even books. So, maybe for those who don't really shop online that much, you would not be excited as I am. 

When you enter the website, you'll see various categories that are on promotions. Of course, for myself I clicked on books & media. That's what I am interested in. I love books. I can spend hours in a bookstore and I am that way since I was 10. Earlier than that, like most of the kids, reading a book really not my hobby, watching cartoon is better. Haha. Oh, back to the topic, once you've clicked the category you like you'll see those stores that are having promotions.

I've purchased a few books and just waiting for them to arrive. Hihi. So, what are you waiting for? The sales would end tomorrow, so cepat-cepat :)

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