End of Peak Season, End of Probation Period

September 02, 2016

Hello. Yeay.. It is Friday, finally!

It's been a month since my last post. Wow, I must be super busy liddat :P But, it is true. I am busy with the office work. You see, I work in tax area and for those companies which their financial year ended in December, July would be the deadline for them to submit their corporate tax return. To cut the story short and not boring, my job is to make sure the companies in the group submit their tax on time. You know, one day late, penalty already been imposed. Kalau kena bayar penalty because of I'm doing my job sambil lewa, well..not nice kan :)

When I joined the company, I know I am the sole personnel who will in charge of all the tax matters for the Group. I don't mind a heavy workload, provided that the workloads are aligned with my career plan. I joined at the beginning of peak period, which was during May. My job requires proper planning. But even with proper planning, when it involved cooperation with other, it might not goes as you planned. Imagine this, you are new and still try to remember the name of your colleagues, who does what and all sort of other stuffs newbie would be struggling. I on the other hand need to speed up and do what I can to add the value to my team (read: my team is actually my boss and I..haha)

And after 3 months of working at the company, this arrived on my table yesterday

The end of probation period :)
Alhamdulillah. I honestly love working here. May many good years with the company later on. Hehe.

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