Thursday, September 29, 2016


My email has been flooded with this hashtag.. #MYCYBERSALE. You know why? Because I am an online shopaholic :P I always shop online, let it be for clothes (obviously), Hanna's stuffs, organic dried food and even books. So, maybe for those who don't really shop online that much, you would not be excited as I am. 

When you enter the website, you'll see various categories that are on promotions. Of course, for myself I clicked on books & media. That's what I am interested in. I love books. I can spend hours in a bookstore and I am that way since I was 10. Earlier than that, like most of the kids, reading a book really not my hobby, watching cartoon is better. Haha. Oh, back to the topic, once you've clicked the category you like you'll see those stores that are having promotions.

I've purchased a few books and just waiting for them to arrive. Hihi. So, what are you waiting for? The sales would end tomorrow, so cepat-cepat :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Toddler's Speech Delay. Should You Be Worried?

There are some toddlers who can speak fast, some even can speak two words when they are about 1 year plus. Well, that did not happened with Hanna. My family members worried much that she is having speech delay, but as her mom, I know it is alright. How do I know? Yea.. I'm not going to say mother's instinct okay. Haha.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Impromptu Visit To The Beach

Last Saturday, we had an impromptu visit to the beach. Why? To clear our head and take a breather. It felt so good, to be able to get away from all sort of problems. We ended up having quality time with Hanna outdoor (surprise..surprise, because she already get used to only going to the mall..ish2)

This is Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang. From my place, it is about 86km. If you are from Klang/Shah Alam, just take Elite highway and exit at KLIA. From the KLIA toll, find Sepang exit. Once you reached Sepang town, please find Pantai Bagan Lalang signboard. Landmark: Goldcoast Sepang. It is beautiful and clean. The nearby food court is also clean. Surau is also there with clean telekung and sejadah. It is recommended for family outing.


Before we hit the beach, I let Hanna play at the playground first. She always get excited when she sees slides. Well, which toddler/kids does not? Haha. So, let her be. After both of us performed Asar prayer (taking turn of course..huhu), then only we hit the beach. This part, Hanna's parents yang excited. We're not really beach people but here, well let's just say the beach has the effect of charming new comers :P

So, here comes the funny/weird/difficult part. We always know Hanna is not really an outdoor girl. Dia akan rasa geli when it comes to grass or sand etc. She even cried for help if she saw daun kering near her shoes. Haha! I tried to put her in the water (not even deep for her), but she already protesting. How? Well, Hanna akan keraskan badan dia, like any other protesting toddler. Haha. Okay fine...fine... and look what I did

 Hahaha! Sorry Hanna, this is too funny. Mama and ayah have to print this picture of yours :) Mana tau, later you'll grow up loving the beach, this is the proof you're not loving the beach when you are little :P

Friday, September 02, 2016

End of Peak Season, End of Probation Period

Hello. Yeay.. It is Friday, finally!

It's been a month since my last post. Wow, I must be super busy liddat :P But, it is true. I am busy with the office work. You see, I work in tax area and for those companies which their financial year ended in December, July would be the deadline for them to submit their corporate tax return. To cut the story short and not boring, my job is to make sure the companies in the group submit their tax on time. You know, one day late, penalty already been imposed. Kalau kena bayar penalty because of I'm doing my job sambil lewa, well..not nice kan :)

When I joined the company, I know I am the sole personnel who will in charge of all the tax matters for the Group. I don't mind a heavy workload, provided that the workloads are aligned with my career plan. I joined at the beginning of peak period, which was during May. My job requires proper planning. But even with proper planning, when it involved cooperation with other, it might not goes as you planned. Imagine this, you are new and still try to remember the name of your colleagues, who does what and all sort of other stuffs newbie would be struggling. I on the other hand need to speed up and do what I can to add the value to my team (read: my team is actually my boss and I..haha)

And after 3 months of working at the company, this arrived on my table yesterday

The end of probation period :)
Alhamdulillah. I honestly love working here. May many good years with the company later on. Hehe.