The Story of Raya 2016

July 20, 2016

At my grandparent's home. My atok is no longer around but
my aunty still lives here. So, of course 1st Syawal, here we are!

Raya this year fall on Wednesday. So mostly, people had started their leave on Monday that week. But I still went to work on Monday and started my leave on Tuesday. Best thing is that when you're one of the few people to go for work on those last few days of Ramadhan, there is no longer a heavy traffic. Yeay!

On Tuesday, I cooked Rendang Daging at my home. Oh yes, for Hari Raya dishes, I will always cook at my home. Then I'll give some to my mum. Well, that's why I don't cook Rendang Ayam as I know my mum will cook that dish. Haha. Then my husband came to me with this question.."Boleh masak Kari Ayam tak?Hehe". Even though 2 days earlier, I already cooked that dish for buka puasa. I said Okay, sure honey! But I cooked it in the morning of Raya :p Of course, there were Nasi Impit and Lemang to go with those dishes. Of course la Lemang instant, I duduk apartment, nak bakar lemang camne? Haha.

On the Raya morning, stressed! Hah la, my house still a mess as Hanna now at that terrible two age
-_- Kuih raya pun tak letak dalam bekas lagi. Then Kari Ayam tak masak lagi. OMG! Luckily our baju raya have been ironed the night before. So, while the curry was on the stove, I gathered (haha) all my energy and being the supermom cleaning + decorating the house as well. Hanna was not awake at that time. Then I heard the footsteps. Hanna's footsteps! Oh no..the house will be a mess again!

So, to distract her, I ask her to play at certain area only. At least, let the house still in a good shape until we are done taking family potrait :P Of course, not for long. Sibuklah budak tu nak masukkan biskut raya sama dalam bekas. Dah besar nanti sila rajin tolong. Haha! So, around 9 I decided to bathe and dressed her. Umpan la cakap nak pakai baju cantik tak. Oh, Hanna is the girly and glamorous type of girl. She loves dressing up and camera. Hehe.

After had our taste for Hari Raya dishes and snap pictures, we then went to my parents house. Of course, Hanna loves to go there as my brother and sister will entertain her. So I can relax. Hahaha. She even has a favorite spot at my parents' house. After few hours, then the normal jalan-jalan routine on Hari Raya started.

In summary for 1st Syawal: Parent's house > Aunty's house > Grandma's house > Uncle's house

So, here are some of my pictures for Raya this year. Not as much as last year but okay. I'm gonna print it later! Hehe

Baru lepas nangis #dramaqueen Hanna. LOL!

Actually, one of my sister is not here because she's working
on Hari Raya. Next year okay? :P


Again..the after crying face. Haha Hanna!

Tahan pulak dari pagi-petang pakai baju kurung tu. Terer la Hanna! Hehe

Okay..sekian cerita #Raya2016
Forgive my serabut shawl..I tried to hold #cameraaddict toddler. Haha!

Aiza Aidid

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