Shopping for #Raya2016

July 01, 2016

When it comes to Raya shopping, now I get everything done early. Hanna's clothes, my husband's baju melayu (1st week puasa dah beli tu..omg! haha), house decorations including lampu raya! Lol.

Deco stuffs bought at Kaison

For Raya of course there is budget for everything. And I put aside some budget for house decorations. Bese la mak-mak kan..haha! Currently, I love going to Kaison to find decorative stuff for our house. I even bought curtains, cushion covers and of course flowers there. The stuffs are nice but price is within budget. See, how important my budget is to me. I think to spend a little for Hari Raya preparation is okay as long as you spent wisely. I know some people like to shop else where for decorations and it is really up to you. For me, I don't have that much budget to spend so I choose to shop at Kaison :)

And just as I thought everything was ready, I forgot one thing. The preparation for myself!

Last 2 years, I gave birth to Hanna on 13 Ramadhan. So, during Hari Raya, I was in confinement period. Mood nak raya pun tak ade masa tu (maybe because I cannot fast, so..yea..). Then last year, Hanna turned 1 during Raya but she still cannot walk. So, to overly dressed her up, not really.

So, this year, Hanna now is almost 2. Apart from being able to walk, she already can run around and jump. Hence, the shopping raya is a lot for her this year. She can wear baju kurung or dress and looks nicer on her compared to last year, where she just sits on my lap wearing her kebaya :) And of course, when you have your own little family, you'll wear your baju raya according to theme color..hihi. This raya I mean we chose to wear purple..well, whatever with color of the year or not..haha.

For Hanna, of course her dad and I bought one pair of baju kurung, few dresses, jeans and tops. But we would buy 1 or 2 size bigger so that all can last longer. Haha! As for my own preparation, I just bought one pair of baju kurung and 2 tops at Setia City Mall. There is a shop that sell pretty and comfortable blouses with reasonable prices. Apart from that I bought 1 denim jubah from NILE. Yup, that's it! Cukup la kan..tak nak over budget, after all it's just clothes, and my shopping rationale is that, the clothes I bought must be able to wear to the office too :)

Casual wear for 2nd/3rd Raya. I can't decide. Ptff. Haha!

the lace kebaya cardigan I bought from Nile ;)

What I can say is that, when I got married and have Hanna, my shopping list for Hari Raya does not evolved around me only. When I was single let say my budget raya is RM 500, I can used up all that and buy stuff for myself only. Now, with that same amount, I have to divide it to several chunks of purpose, so pandai-pandai cari baju yang cantik but price takdelah melampau macam gaji separuh bulan :P 

p/s: Next, kemas rumah! 

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