Of #JulyBabies Celebration

July 04, 2016

When it comes to July, there are 2 people in my family who will celebrate their birthdays. My sister and of course Hanna. My sister's birthday was on 2nd July. Well, for Hanna is her advanced birthday celebration since her birthday will be on 10th of July.  But, budak kan, pantang tengok candles and cakes. So, every birthday in my family must have 2 different cakes, one for the birthday person, the other one is for her only. Haha!

The #JulyBabies
Hanna can't even focused at the camera anymore! :P

Since my sister's birthday fall in the month of Ramadhan, the celebration of cutting cake and blowing candles was done after 9 pm. Actually, my sister would not be coming back as she needs to work during Hari Raya. Of course, Hari Raya would not be complete, but it is her final posting before completing her houseman, so good luck! :)

Hanna, well apart from getting excited about candles and cakes, she also very happy to see lampu raya and pelita. My husband bought some bunga api to play that night. At first we thought that she will be scared of the smokes and fire. But, on the other hand, she chased the fire like she was chasing bubbles. She was 'tough' like that. Hihi.

So, what we did was took as many family pictures as possible, but banyak pulak gambar tak jadi -_- This as if the replacement of complete Hari Raya family pictures. It's okay, hopefully next year you'll get enough leave to celebrate Hari Raya. See, how easy it is when your parents are more expert in using the monopod than you :P

Where's #hannafariha? :D

Hanna's Grandparents with Hanna's parents

Pre #Raya2016 family selfie

p/s: Typing this at the office. Yes, today is last working day before a long leave! Hehe

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