Of Hanna's Duit Raya, Tabung Haji And Register Haji

July 21, 2016

It's been a while since my husband and I planned to register for Haji. So, since we are still on leave on Monday, 11th of July, we decided why not we do what we both have planned for. Bila lagi nak register kan? We are 28 years old already.

Before I share further, I want to say that I am very grateful to those who gave Hanna the duit raya. If you're following my blog, you will know that I am in the midst of revamping our family financial management (oh, please don't stop reading even it sounded boring). Seriously, I am just on time that I forced myself to change before I continue making bad financial choices. Back to Hanna's duit raya collection, Alhamdulillah, it was almost RM 800 for this year.

So, I decided that we must put in this money quickly in her Tabung Haji (TH) account. When we reached TH Klang, the queue was already very long. Sampai luar pintu masuk TH ok. Tapi dah alang-alang datang, of course continue with the plan. At the information counter, just informed what you want to do there today.

"Assalam Cik, Saya datang nak buka akaun TH for saya dengan anak saya. Pastu saya nak daftar untuk Haji sekali guna KWSP". 

Oh yes, I never open TH account, only have ASB account.That is what I said and the customer service gave 2 set of forms, one for myself and one for Hanna called "Borang Maklumat Ahli". Filled up the forms and then only you'll be given number. So, then just wait for your turn. We even had the chance to go out to eat breakfast. Takde rasa stress sangat tunggu dengan perut lapar (kalau puasa boleh pulak tahan kan..hehe)

Okay, important sharing, my husband already have his TH account set up. But the account is inactive for quite sometime. So if you're not sure on your account's status, just ask the information counter. Here are what I can share:

1. TH account that remains inactive for MORE than 7 years, TH will suspend it. If you want to continue depositing money, you need to open NEW account.

2. What happened with your money in old account? Okay, if you still have balance in your account, you may transfer the money (plus interest appreciated) to your new account. 

Okay lah jugak since your money is still there kan. At least, there is no loss :)

Back to the story, after we had our breakfast, when we were back at TH, there at least 10 more people before our turn. Finally.. it is our turn. We took separate number so easier. Once you sit in front of the officer, please tell her that you want to register Haji using KWSP account 2. Then she would want to see your KWSP's statement. You need to have minimum RM 1,300 in that account in order for you to do this. I've printed my statement so senang. After the process of keying my details, thumbprint and signature, I've finally have a TH account and registered for Haji! Alhamdulillah, settled one part. 

Our Tabung. Yeay!

What is another part? Well, the part where I need to save money consistently. Hehe.................

Next post, I will share on e-Thijari. Till then, bye!

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