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July 23, 2016

I love Saturday. Well, for working people, Saturday is the happy day..hihi. So, how's today treating you? Mine was good despite I have to swing by the office for a while to finish up my report. 

Oh, talking about working,  I just want to share my job seeking experience. I've previously shared certain advises I wished my young self would know here. Perhaps my tips here would help adik-adik who recently graduated or will be graduating in a few months :) Or maybe these can help someone who are going back out there to look for a new job. So, here we go....

#1 Resume

Whatever you wrote in that resume, please make sure you know it really well. Interviewer usually would like to know in details of experience you listed in your resume. For myself, if I only an assistant in a project, I would not state something to give an impression that I lead the project. Trust me, if you want to lie about something like that, the likelihood of getting the job is nada!

#2 Punctuality
Don't be late on the interview day. Yup, a classic advice, I know. But I also know a few of my friends given out tips that goes like this.."If you're gonna be late..just inform the interviewer". Are you kidding me? You don't even employed yet and you already have excuses. Excuse me, but if I were the boss, sorry, you're out.

#3 Job Portal
From my experience, I've got my second job and my current job through the post I have applied via Jobstreet. In addition, I've created LinkedIn account for my professional networking. For both, I make sure that my information is currently updated. As for jobstreet, my resume it's made view-able to those companies. I've got quite a number of interviews via LinkedIn when the companies' recruiters contacted me. That's why it is important to update your current contact details. 

#4 Preparation for Interview
Okay, I have discovered one particular site that I think really helpful for both freshies and experience hired. I love to read up the articles published in The Muse up till I view it at least once a day. In fact, when I went for the interview at Segi University, I put to practice the tips I've read from that site. Well, as that it is my rezeki. I've got the job! :)

#5 Attitude
Don't be too snobbish as if you know everything. Don't be too humble until your potential boss don't see your value.

#6 Don't Give Up
When I was a fresh graduate back about 5 years ago.. what I did during my last 3 months of final semester, I sent my resume to numerous companies. Of course, with these, means I've applied to various accounting and finance fields. I don't have specific accounting line I want to pursue. To that point I want to work soonest possible. But, with my internship in taxation, I've never been successful with other accounting posts interview. Only with my 10th interview, I've got my very first job.

#7 Find Your Niche
I am clueless of what I want to do as accounting is really a broad area. 5 years ago, I never thought I would love taxation. As a subject, theoretically it is boring. Who wants to read the Act, law cases yada..yada. And now, I love what I do. I have found my niche as not many accountants venture into this area. The main point is that, don't be frustrated if you don't start off your career in a job title you don't even think before. You would not know in future, it brings out the best in you :)

Well, that is from my own experience. The reason I'm sharing because I had the chance to talk to few future graduates. From what I've seen they don't know where to start to find a job, they are too choosy, and they have lots of excuses. So, if you want something, you have to try. If not, don't be mad if someone else get it. Kan?

Aiza Aidid

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