Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jobseeker Tips

I love Saturday. Well, for working people, Saturday is the happy day..hihi. So, how's today treating you? Mine was good despite I have to swing by the office for a while to finish up my report. 

Oh, talking about working,  I just want to share my job seeking experience. I've previously shared certain advises I wished my young self would know here. Perhaps my tips here would help adik-adik who recently graduated or will be graduating in a few months :) Or maybe these can help someone who are going back out there to look for a new job. So, here we go....

#1 Resume

Whatever you wrote in that resume, please make sure you know it really well. Interviewer usually would like to know in details of experience you listed in your resume. For myself, if I only an assistant in a project, I would not state something to give an impression that I lead the project. Trust me, if you want to lie about something like that, the likelihood of getting the job is nada!

#2 Punctuality
Don't be late on the interview day. Yup, a classic advice, I know. But I also know a few of my friends given out tips that goes like this.."If you're gonna be late..just inform the interviewer". Are you kidding me? You don't even employed yet and you already have excuses. Excuse me, but if I were the boss, sorry, you're out.

#3 Job Portal
From my experience, I've got my second job and my current job through the post I have applied via Jobstreet. In addition, I've created LinkedIn account for my professional networking. For both, I make sure that my information is currently updated. As for jobstreet, my resume it's made view-able to those companies. I've got quite a number of interviews via LinkedIn when the companies' recruiters contacted me. That's why it is important to update your current contact details. 

#4 Preparation for Interview
Okay, I have discovered one particular site that I think really helpful for both freshies and experience hired. I love to read up the articles published in The Muse up till I view it at least once a day. In fact, when I went for the interview at Segi University, I put to practice the tips I've read from that site. Well, as that it is my rezeki. I've got the job! :)

#5 Attitude
Don't be too snobbish as if you know everything. Don't be too humble until your potential boss don't see your value.

#6 Don't Give Up
When I was a fresh graduate back about 5 years ago.. what I did during my last 3 months of final semester, I sent my resume to numerous companies. Of course, with these, means I've applied to various accounting and finance fields. I don't have specific accounting line I want to pursue. To that point I want to work soonest possible. But, with my internship in taxation, I've never been successful with other accounting posts interview. Only with my 10th interview, I've got my very first job.

#7 Find Your Niche
I am clueless of what I want to do as accounting is really a broad area. 5 years ago, I never thought I would love taxation. As a subject, theoretically it is boring. Who wants to read the Act, law cases yada..yada. And now, I love what I do. I have found my niche as not many accountants venture into this area. The main point is that, don't be frustrated if you don't start off your career in a job title you don't even think before. You would not know in future, it brings out the best in you :)

Well, that is from my own experience. The reason I'm sharing because I had the chance to talk to few future graduates. From what I've seen they don't know where to start to find a job, they are too choosy, and they have lots of excuses. So, if you want something, you have to try. If not, don't be mad if someone else get it. Kan?

Aiza Aidid

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Of Hanna's Duit Raya, Tabung Haji And Register Haji

It's been a while since my husband and I planned to register for Haji. So, since we are still on leave on Monday, 11th of July, we decided why not we do what we both have planned for. Bila lagi nak register kan? We are 28 years old already.

Before I share further, I want to say that I am very grateful to those who gave Hanna the duit raya. If you're following my blog, you will know that I am in the midst of revamping our family financial management (oh, please don't stop reading even it sounded boring). Seriously, I am just on time that I forced myself to change before I continue making bad financial choices. Back to Hanna's duit raya collection, Alhamdulillah, it was almost RM 800 for this year.

So, I decided that we must put in this money quickly in her Tabung Haji (TH) account. When we reached TH Klang, the queue was already very long. Sampai luar pintu masuk TH ok. Tapi dah alang-alang datang, of course continue with the plan. At the information counter, just informed what you want to do there today.

"Assalam Cik, Saya datang nak buka akaun TH for saya dengan anak saya. Pastu saya nak daftar untuk Haji sekali guna KWSP". 

Oh yes, I never open TH account, only have ASB account.That is what I said and the customer service gave 2 set of forms, one for myself and one for Hanna called "Borang Maklumat Ahli". Filled up the forms and then only you'll be given number. So, then just wait for your turn. We even had the chance to go out to eat breakfast. Takde rasa stress sangat tunggu dengan perut lapar (kalau puasa boleh pulak tahan kan..hehe)

Okay, important sharing, my husband already have his TH account set up. But the account is inactive for quite sometime. So if you're not sure on your account's status, just ask the information counter. Here are what I can share:

1. TH account that remains inactive for MORE than 7 years, TH will suspend it. If you want to continue depositing money, you need to open NEW account.

2. What happened with your money in old account? Okay, if you still have balance in your account, you may transfer the money (plus interest appreciated) to your new account. 

Okay lah jugak since your money is still there kan. At least, there is no loss :)

Back to the story, after we had our breakfast, when we were back at TH, there at least 10 more people before our turn. Finally.. it is our turn. We took separate number so easier. Once you sit in front of the officer, please tell her that you want to register Haji using KWSP account 2. Then she would want to see your KWSP's statement. You need to have minimum RM 1,300 in that account in order for you to do this. I've printed my statement so senang. After the process of keying my details, thumbprint and signature, I've finally have a TH account and registered for Haji! Alhamdulillah, settled one part. 

Our Tabung. Yeay!

What is another part? Well, the part where I need to save money consistently. Hehe.................

Next post, I will share on e-Thijari. Till then, bye!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Story of Raya 2016

At my grandparent's home. My atok is no longer around but
my aunty still lives here. So, of course 1st Syawal, here we are!

Raya this year fall on Wednesday. So mostly, people had started their leave on Monday that week. But I still went to work on Monday and started my leave on Tuesday. Best thing is that when you're one of the few people to go for work on those last few days of Ramadhan, there is no longer a heavy traffic. Yeay!

On Tuesday, I cooked Rendang Daging at my home. Oh yes, for Hari Raya dishes, I will always cook at my home. Then I'll give some to my mum. Well, that's why I don't cook Rendang Ayam as I know my mum will cook that dish. Haha. Then my husband came to me with this question.."Boleh masak Kari Ayam tak?Hehe". Even though 2 days earlier, I already cooked that dish for buka puasa. I said Okay, sure honey! But I cooked it in the morning of Raya :p Of course, there were Nasi Impit and Lemang to go with those dishes. Of course la Lemang instant, I duduk apartment, nak bakar lemang camne? Haha.

On the Raya morning, stressed! Hah la, my house still a mess as Hanna now at that terrible two age
-_- Kuih raya pun tak letak dalam bekas lagi. Then Kari Ayam tak masak lagi. OMG! Luckily our baju raya have been ironed the night before. So, while the curry was on the stove, I gathered (haha) all my energy and being the supermom cleaning + decorating the house as well. Hanna was not awake at that time. Then I heard the footsteps. Hanna's footsteps! Oh no..the house will be a mess again!

So, to distract her, I ask her to play at certain area only. At least, let the house still in a good shape until we are done taking family potrait :P Of course, not for long. Sibuklah budak tu nak masukkan biskut raya sama dalam bekas. Dah besar nanti sila rajin tolong. Haha! So, around 9 I decided to bathe and dressed her. Umpan la cakap nak pakai baju cantik tak. Oh, Hanna is the girly and glamorous type of girl. She loves dressing up and camera. Hehe.

After had our taste for Hari Raya dishes and snap pictures, we then went to my parents house. Of course, Hanna loves to go there as my brother and sister will entertain her. So I can relax. Hahaha. She even has a favorite spot at my parents' house. After few hours, then the normal jalan-jalan routine on Hari Raya started.

In summary for 1st Syawal: Parent's house > Aunty's house > Grandma's house > Uncle's house

So, here are some of my pictures for Raya this year. Not as much as last year but okay. I'm gonna print it later! Hehe

Baru lepas nangis #dramaqueen Hanna. LOL!

Actually, one of my sister is not here because she's working
on Hari Raya. Next year okay? :P


Again..the after crying face. Haha Hanna!

Tahan pulak dari pagi-petang pakai baju kurung tu. Terer la Hanna! Hehe

Okay..sekian cerita #Raya2016
Forgive my serabut shawl..I tried to hold #cameraaddict toddler. Haha!

Aiza Aidid

Monday, July 04, 2016

Of #JulyBabies Celebration

When it comes to July, there are 2 people in my family who will celebrate their birthdays. My sister and of course Hanna. My sister's birthday was on 2nd July. Well, for Hanna is her advanced birthday celebration since her birthday will be on 10th of July.  But, budak kan, pantang tengok candles and cakes. So, every birthday in my family must have 2 different cakes, one for the birthday person, the other one is for her only. Haha!

The #JulyBabies
Hanna can't even focused at the camera anymore! :P

Since my sister's birthday fall in the month of Ramadhan, the celebration of cutting cake and blowing candles was done after 9 pm. Actually, my sister would not be coming back as she needs to work during Hari Raya. Of course, Hari Raya would not be complete, but it is her final posting before completing her houseman, so good luck! :)

Hanna, well apart from getting excited about candles and cakes, she also very happy to see lampu raya and pelita. My husband bought some bunga api to play that night. At first we thought that she will be scared of the smokes and fire. But, on the other hand, she chased the fire like she was chasing bubbles. She was 'tough' like that. Hihi.

So, what we did was took as many family pictures as possible, but banyak pulak gambar tak jadi -_- This as if the replacement of complete Hari Raya family pictures. It's okay, hopefully next year you'll get enough leave to celebrate Hari Raya. See, how easy it is when your parents are more expert in using the monopod than you :P

Where's #hannafariha? :D

Hanna's Grandparents with Hanna's parents

Pre #Raya2016 family selfie

p/s: Typing this at the office. Yes, today is last working day before a long leave! Hehe

Friday, July 01, 2016

Shopping for #Raya2016

When it comes to Raya shopping, now I get everything done early. Hanna's clothes, my husband's baju melayu (1st week puasa dah beli tu..omg! haha), house decorations including lampu raya! Lol.

Deco stuffs bought at Kaison

For Raya of course there is budget for everything. And I put aside some budget for house decorations. Bese la mak-mak kan..haha! Currently, I love going to Kaison to find decorative stuff for our house. I even bought curtains, cushion covers and of course flowers there. The stuffs are nice but price is within budget. See, how important my budget is to me. I think to spend a little for Hari Raya preparation is okay as long as you spent wisely. I know some people like to shop else where for decorations and it is really up to you. For me, I don't have that much budget to spend so I choose to shop at Kaison :)

And just as I thought everything was ready, I forgot one thing. The preparation for myself!

Last 2 years, I gave birth to Hanna on 13 Ramadhan. So, during Hari Raya, I was in confinement period. Mood nak raya pun tak ade masa tu (maybe because I cannot fast, so..yea..). Then last year, Hanna turned 1 during Raya but she still cannot walk. So, to overly dressed her up, not really.

So, this year, Hanna now is almost 2. Apart from being able to walk, she already can run around and jump. Hence, the shopping raya is a lot for her this year. She can wear baju kurung or dress and looks nicer on her compared to last year, where she just sits on my lap wearing her kebaya :) And of course, when you have your own little family, you'll wear your baju raya according to theme color..hihi. This raya I mean we chose to wear purple..well, whatever with color of the year or not..haha.

For Hanna, of course her dad and I bought one pair of baju kurung, few dresses, jeans and tops. But we would buy 1 or 2 size bigger so that all can last longer. Haha! As for my own preparation, I just bought one pair of baju kurung and 2 tops at Setia City Mall. There is a shop that sell pretty and comfortable blouses with reasonable prices. Apart from that I bought 1 denim jubah from NILE. Yup, that's it! Cukup la kan..tak nak over budget, after all it's just clothes, and my shopping rationale is that, the clothes I bought must be able to wear to the office too :)

Casual wear for 2nd/3rd Raya. I can't decide. Ptff. Haha!

the lace kebaya cardigan I bought from Nile ;)

What I can say is that, when I got married and have Hanna, my shopping list for Hari Raya does not evolved around me only. When I was single let say my budget raya is RM 500, I can used up all that and buy stuff for myself only. Now, with that same amount, I have to divide it to several chunks of purpose, so pandai-pandai cari baju yang cantik but price takdelah melampau macam gaji separuh bulan :P 

p/s: Next, kemas rumah!