Ramadhan Challenge: Cook Everyday

June 08, 2016

It is the 3rd Ramadhan. How's your puasa so far? Hopefully, it is all good :) Okay, this post is to share how you can cook every day for the month of Ramadhan. Yes, you too.. the working moms!

There are a lot of tips that have been shared through the social media right? These tips are from my personal experience. Well, you can choose whichever suits you best.

Meal Prep
You can do this over the weekend. Cut out your veggies, packed your meat, chicken and fish in containers. My way is that I apportioned all these uncooked ingredients in each container that 1 container is for 1 meal for each day. So, on the container, you just stick a sticker / write with a marker that container is for what dish. 

Paste Ready
Also, you can do this over the weekend. You know if you used to buy the ready made paste on shelf, you can try to do this instead. So easy and save money! Plus, you know the ingredients yourself so it is the better choice, kan. The pastes I always have ready are like sambal paste, curry paste, masak lemak cili padi paste, tomyam paste. So, when it is time to cook, just saute your paste and add your fresh ingredients. Kan dah jimat masa.

Cook the night before
Well, this one I've just tried for these past 3 days. Okay, this one might be best for weekdays. Hanna live with my auntie as her babysitter. So, my buka puasa will be at my auntie's house. But I am the one who prepare the buka puasa meal. This year, I've changed job and work at Kota Damansara so by the time I reached Klang, it is already 6.30 pm. To avoid the rush and everything, I cook the meal for buka puasa the night before.

Let's say, for buka puasa Wednesday, I cooked the meal on Tuesday night around 10 pm. When I am done cooking, I just half-covered the pan/pot so it would not spoiled. One tip, choose easy meal, so your cooking time would not be more than 1 hour. So, during morning, I just packed the meal in a container and bring it to my auntie's house. I actually felt this is the most convenient way. So for those who has their kids at their parents home and will buka puasa there, you can actually do this. You actually help your parents too since they already took care of your kids. Senang dah ada makanan since mesti susah nak prepare dengan budak2 lagi kan.

Salam Ramadhan :)

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