One Month Before The Terrible Two

June 13, 2016

At 23 months old, Hanna talks a lot. Well, in her own language of course. And it comes with the tantrums as well. She can be..hurm..very pushy. When she wants something she wants it now. She don't understand later. Well, I think most toddlers are like that. I read somewhere before. that at that age, they feel all sort of emotions but they don't know how to communicate it yet, hence the tantrums and all sort of behaviors that us, parents, label as naughty.

See that duck (or's confusing, really) she's holding?
Yea..instead of ice cream, she wanted that. Why do you want that???

Around this age, Hanna also gets excited of all the things that she thought are for her. For example like my dad's (Hanna's Tok Daddy) birthday celebration on last Saturday. She was very excited and thought that cake was for her. Lagi excited bila nampak lilin! What she did was she poked the cake with her chubby finger and licked the cream. And then.. clapped her hands. Oh, manners Hanna, manners. Haha. One thing, when she really like something, she goes "wahhhhh.." especially when she joined me for shopping. Yes, that one is all from me :p

And of course..dah pandai mengadu sekarang ni. When she is upset with me, she will go to her dad. When she is upset with her dad, she'll come to me. But she will utter the same word "Ma...niiiii". Well, that is her mengadu words. When she try to be funny (and it is funny) she called her dad "Abuuuu" instead of Ayah. Sorry love, this one is a story to keep :)

The "I am a big girl" phase. She wants to do everything on her own. She like to feel pretty. And I think this one is because she is a girl.  She will ask for her lotion every night to put on her face, hands and legs. She put on everything by herself. When it is time to go out, she will ask for perfume. My expensive perfume T-T 

Datin Hanna :P

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