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June 21, 2016

I've started to notice I have interest towards business in 2009. But I really never do anything about it. So, as the years passed, I thought my idea of having my own business will just bury inside me. Truthfully, I never had the courage to learn as it is something very risky to me. I am the type of person who don't like risk..even if there is risk, I'll minimize it as possible.

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But the thing about life, if you don't take the risk, you just would not know it. Hence, I took the risk of venturing into business in early 2015. I chose to sell muslimah attire, specifically jubah. I knew it would be difficult to compete with the bigger names so I put a little twist in the design by incorporated a little mix of batik garutan (from Indonesia). I put all the effort, money and of course faith for it to be successful. One mistake I've made, I overly trusted the tailor. The final products are not as good as the sample T-T 

It's okay, one mistake does not stop me from being myself. I started selling handmade batik material imported from Indonesia. The sales was good,,very good BUT there is imitate products, the printed ones. And the price is far more cheaper. There it is, I cannot sustain the competition. I finished off my stocks and whatever balance, I'm going to do my tops :p Some people don't get it why I do business. They think my salary was not enough, I'm too greedy bla bla bla.. No. I'm pursuing what I am interested in. I like fabrics and fashion (also food..hihi) So, what's wrong with sharing the nice things to others. Some people don't know where to get the products so I made available to them. Only then, we talk about money.

For the time being, I still active doing business but as agent and dropshipper only. It's okay to start back. I believe that I am still pursuing my dream as long as I don't give up. What other thinks, well whatever. Negative people are best to keep away :)

This is my business Instagram account.
You are most welcome to follow. 
Thank you :)

p/s: I should share with you what I learnt in the course of making business for the past years. Later!

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