Homemade Cookies For Raya

June 11, 2016

This year is the 4th Raya for us as husband and wife. For the Raya preparation, I mean about the food, I will always prepare the chicken rendang and nasi impit for us as breakfast before we went to my parent's house.

As for the Raya cookies, usually I will just order/ buy the ready made. What people call kuih tunjuk-tunjuk. Well, you just point which one you want and pay for it, then off you go. Betul la jugak. Haha. This year, I want to do something different. I am thinking of baking my Raya cookies, yes homemade by myself. It would be fun to get Hanna's "help" in the kitchen. I just need to get the ingredients to make those cookies. My husband requested cornflakes cookies. Well, who does not love those :)

My assistant for groceries shopping today ;)

Here are my tips to get this done (read: hopefully, it'll get done)

#1 Shortlist Recipe
I ask what my husband wants. I know which cookies I want. Hanna will eat all since she loves munching. So, any cookies she'll eat. Haha. The recipe should be simple since I am working and I need to find time to prepare and bake.

#2  Google The Recipe
Of course I need recipes for those chosen cookies. Unlike cooking, I rarely bake. I bake on occasion (read: only for Hanna's birthday), so referring to recipe is much needed. 

#3 Groceries List
Don't waste money buy extra ingredients you think you'll use. That's why it is important to have the recipe first then only prepare the groceries list. Plus, you don't want to max out your grocery budget for unnecessary ingredients right? Remember, when you made homemade food, you're supposed to save money.

#4 Time
Choose convenient time to bake. If you're working, don't choose weeknights. You can start on Friday night and weekend. The time you want to spend baking is really up to you. I am thinking to bake on Friday night and weekend nights only. So during the day I can do something else. I'll start with the least delicious first maybe. Because if I start with the most favorite cookies, later during Raya, it'll all be gone :P

Hopefully, it'll get done. Haha!

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