Disturbing Issue

June 10, 2016

About a week ago, on Facebook, there was a viral post regarding a Telegram group of pedophile in Malaysia. The members of the group is about 750+ members. That is really a lot and it is a very alarming news. Of course I am worried. Why should not I?

I am a mother and have a toddler daughter. It is true, that no place is safe now. Then there is this comments on why you should not share so much posts and pictures about your kids. I love sharing moments with Hanna. Why us as the parents should be blamed? Of course, I do agree with filtering the appropriate photos. With the sick pedophiles out there and for all we know is in our close circle of trust, yes we must be extra be careful. 

How you identify a pedophile? Well, you can't really tell actually. They mix with us, look like us, live among us. It is heartbreaking when I read the posts of confessions of adults which previously have been sexually harassed in the past when they were little.  Even more worst, when they told adults about what happened to them, they were not believed. How could you as a mom believe your little girl would make up such stories? Geram rasa.

I hope that there will be a public access to see the sex public offenders list so we parents can take extra precautions with whom we mix around. As for moms, come on, believe your little ones. Yes, even it is something you denied, something hurtful to you. If it is hurtful to you, imagine how much your little girl/boy hurting? And when you as mom, who supposed to protect him/her shut them by not believing their stories, that hurts even more. 

And right now, I am scared..thinking they are a lot of people in our circle of trust that we see as normal people but they are actually not normal. They are monsters who will destroy our kids childhood. *sigh*

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