Career Advice To My Younger Self

June 16, 2016

I started my first job in 3 weeks right after I finished my final exam paper. You know the feeling you had when you've been offered a job,,real time job (not an internship :p), you got so excited. Well, so did I. Excited that I would not be jobless and moping around the house wondering when I'll get a job living with my parents eating out their money. Haha.

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Although I am excited to start my first job, I had butterflies when I stepped in the office the day I reported. It was different you know when you had experience and you were just a fresh graduate. Now, after almost 5 years I left campus life, I like things I wish I knew back then when I first stepped in the working world. Hopefully, it'll be useful to all future graduates out there. 

Office is more than just work - You'll spend tons of hours in a week at the office..40 hours (or more definitely), so the tips for you here is to have friends at work. It is boring when you are always alone. When you feel stressed out, you can rant to these friends and they will get you because you guys are at the same environment. Imagine if you're alone then you ranted out to someone who is outside the office, who will understand you. So, be nice and have friends.

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Stand up for yourself - You will definitely be reporting to someone when you're working (unless it's your own company). I had 2 bad negative supervisors before, and negative here means whenever they speak, it always negative. I used to take their words seriously and try to improve to whatever expectation they had in mind. Little did I know, these type of people..well they just like being negative. So, one day I decided not to allow them to belittled myself anymore. The important lesson here, bullies are not in school only, they are everywhere. So, stand up for yourself.

Office gossips and politics are real - Lesson 1, don't indulge yourself in those even you are trying to make friends. You for sure would not need those type of friends. Lesson 2, don't be the one who spread the gossips. It will make you look like hurmm.. tin real values whatsoever. Lesson 3, office politics are everywhere, so if you resigned from company A because of this, you'll definitely find it again in company B.

Speak up - You know when you are less experience, you tend to speak about your ideas INSIDE your head. You are maybe afraid that your ideas will get rejected or maybe your working environment don't appreciate new ideas from young executives. I've experienced it all. You need to learn to speak up about your ideas and opinions. As for something you are blurred about, just ask questions.

Your teammates are not your rival - Please just don't. No backstabbing or bad-mouthing your own teammates in front of your boss.

Continuous learning - You will not know everything. Even you are a first class student, when you enter the working world, your experience is still zero. Yes, you have the basics but that's it. So learn with everyone, even the tea lady. Everyone has their own lessons for you to learn.

Discuss - There are tasks that we dread to do and keep postponing it to other time. Procrastinate really not the answer. I used to be like this. But through out the years, I learn to discuss with my boss and when things are beyond my control, my boss will take action. Better than you doing nothing and then it all be too late.

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This list would not be everything as I will learn new tips and tricks along the way. At my current job, I remembered all these and Alhamdulillah, my daily working experience and environment is smooth sailing. I believe in one thing, choose the work you love and you will not feel it as burden.

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