Just Because May Is Our Month

May 10, 2016

Hello May :)


I realized that this May marked a decade of us (my husband and I) have known each other. The guy whom I barely spoke with at that point of time. 

We went to the same matriculation college and were classmates. But, being an introvert, both of us just passed by each other for 1 whole year. Haha. Fast forward to today, 10 years later, we are happily married and Hanna is part of us :)

Jodoh tu rahsia Allah. Yes, indeed very true.
How do you know that he/she is your mr/mrs right? Well, you will know.

So, for those who are still looking out for their love of life, yours might be passing by you every single day. To you, my other half, may we have many more years to cherish, love <3 p="">

10th May, Hanna is already 1 year 10 months. Happy 22 months baby! Yes, you are a toddler but still my baby even you are 22! Well, Hanna already started to throw tantrums, a lot. Plus, the hitting and biting. And motherhood for me has started to test my patience. Hopefully, this phase passes by soon.

Till then, bye!

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