Career Path - Part 1

May 23, 2016

It is a Monday morning and I choose a heavy topic to blog about..hee. Oh well, just think of it as a sharing tips. I am not a veteran in career guidance or anything, but I would like to share the path I have been through and landed the job I really love :)

The year I went through my internship program for 6 months. Being an accounting student, we have been instilled with the idea of being an auditor. The idea is that be an auditor for at least 3 years, apply your MIA membership and tada! You are now have the advantage of demanding high salary (seriously? hah!)

Being a nerd  determined student, I applied many auditing position for my internship. Somehow, they offer me tax positions, and at that point of time I was like "Tax??? thanks". Plus, I never really a good student when it comes to tax. But time to secure a placement for that internship is running out. So, yea..whatever,, tax pun tax la. See, I can't even see tax also can offer satisfying job scope and ehem..high paid salary.

Finally, I did my internship program where I was attached with the tax department in one of the Big 4 firm. It is in KL Sentral, well I think I already gave you the clue which is the firm :P Fast forward, towards the end of my internship, I have one aim, to continue my career in tax. The reason being, tax is a complex subject (read: you need to love to read and that reading includes laws and regulations stuffs) and a very wide area to explore. So, tax it is!

I've graduated in Feb 2012. But, I began my job hunting since December 2011. The thought of not getting employed scared me to death at that time. Again, I applied to so many accounting firm, medium and big. Various interviews for about 3 weeks and finally I got THE CALL (read: offer. Yeay!) With a starting salary of RM 2,550, it is a big amount for a young single fresh graduate. So, yup, I started my very first job in April that year :D

Working in a tax consulting firm includes long hours, submission deadlines, not so many benefits etc. On the plus side, your technical knowledge is developed, closed knitted environment! Ann I have a cool boss as until now he remains as my reference :)

When I planned on getting married.. I started to look else where..reasons being... to be continued in Part 2..hihi

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