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March 11, 2016

A hiatus. 

That's what I realized when I saw the date of my last post. Yes.. lama giler! Actually I have made a new blog like what I have stated on my last post. But then, I decided to not update regularly.. so well.. :)

Tonight, after 3 years, I have decided to blog again on my original blog which I have created on 2008. Too many stories I have shared since then. Nasib baik tak delete blog ni. Haha! What makes me want to blog again is because being an introvert person, I tell my idea best in writing. It helps me to be creative and so as a stress relief :)

A lot had happened since 2013. I am now married and have a girl. And yes, I am still working though. So the term FTWM (Full Time Working Mom) applies to myself. I don't know whether this blog still has readers or not, but hopefully when someone somewhere google on certain topics, it hits my blog and my sharing will benefit others. The blog posts maybe more on motherhood, parenting tips, and whatever suits my life as a wife and mom now :)

See ya!

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