Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How To Enjoy Social Party When You're A Mom

On 9th November, I attended my company's annual dinner. Apparently, it is the annual dinner that everyone is looking for since it's been a few years since the last one. The dinner was at Sunway Resort & Spa in Bandar Sunway and before I forgot to mention, the theme was Ruby. You know the ruby red and ruby stone, yup that kind of theme.

What I wore:
Long red ruby dress - Jesvyn SCM (RM 45)
Satin silk printed shawl - gift from my mom (FOC)
Nude clutch - Bonita (RM 39)
Bracelet & Necklace - Old collection

As a mom, of course there would be the guilty feeling of having good time without your kid(s), in my case without my Hanna. But remember this post ? Now, I know that I need my alone time. But how to enjoy it if I am constantly thinking about my kid. Well, I'm going to share my tips with you guys.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Itinerary Langkawi 2016 - Family with Toddler

My little family went for a long (read: 4D3N) vacation and this time we choose Langkawi. I've been there before and so did my husband. But that was when we were single. So, lots of places and food to be enjoyed and explored as a family for this trip ;) So, how do you plan your trip smoothly especially when your family includes an active toddler? Here is my itinerary for your references.

We took early morning flight (too early), a 7.30 am MAS flight from KLIA. Since it's an early flight, we just drove to KLIA and parked at the long term parking. The rate you can check here. Before we boarded into the plane, my husband made a quick call to alert the rental car that we will be reaching Langkawi about an hour time.  About 8.30 am we already reached Langkawi airport and 9.30 am we are out of the airport. And vacation begins..Yeay!

We drove to Pantai Cenang to get our breakfast. If you drive along that area, there are a lot of stalls where you can enjoy either local or international delicacies. Of course we had the locals; Nasi Lemak Ayam and Soto :) It's just 10.30 am when we are done with our breakfast. So, we strolled around Langkawi (by car of course) playing tourist..hihi. Then, around 11.00 am we went to Bay View Hotel, Kuah for an early check in. 

We rested about 3 hours before headed out for late lunch. We decided to try out the
Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi at Pantai Cenang. The food is good and service was fast. Plus, the price is okay. 

We chose Ikan Siakap Deep 3 Rasa Set for 3.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mom Tips: Alone Time


I know every mom wants to spend time with their children as much as possible. Regardless whether you're working or you're a housewife. However, I know you must want your alone time to do whatever you love. Let it be shopping, reading a book or having lunch with your bestie. Yes! A mom still needs alone time too.

Personally, I need my alone time at least once a month. Well, depends on which kind of alone time we're talking here. Let say, if it's reading a book, well I read 2 new books a month. Okay la kot. Haha. Shopping? Hurm let's see.. quarterly activity :p How about meeting up with my friends? In a year, 2-3 times, I guess. Good enough since everyone is busy so that is the time we're catching up with each other's life.

So, what exactly I love to do doing my alone time?

#1 Reading a book and having my coffee at any coffee shop

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Unexpected Diagnosed: What To Do?

The past 2 weeks, I can say that I am not well. The definition of 'not well' is that I can't even get up to drive for work. But the pain is not a continuous pain. On contrary, what I experienced is a sharp pain out of sudden. The pain that can stopped me from whatever I was doing at that time. There was this one time, I am in the middle of grocery shopping and the pain decided to "visit".

Then I decided that's it. Time to check what's going on, really. I went to normal clinic which have the scanner (yes, like the baby scanner machine) and undergone urine test as well. As the result shown, I was infected by urinary tract infection (UTI). I've caught UTI when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Hanna before. However, I suspected that I may have cyst, as the sharp pain always at the abdominal area and on the left side. But in order to scan, I must have full bladder or else the cyst is difficult to see. The GP then, prescribed me with antibiotic and paracetamol in case of any fever. Okay, fine, let's do antibiotic. After finished the antibiotic, it felt normal. 

Last Saturday, it started to feel pain, again. The sharp pain on the left side and my abdominal area. And this time around, I went to the same clinic and the GP decided to scan. I purposely hold my pee in order to ease her during scanning. Then, there it was.. the cyst. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Advanced Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday, I had my advanced birthday celebration. I was being celebrated by Hanna and his dad Yeay! Thanks, love ;) Well, I always love birthdays, so our little family will celebrate birthdays. Not everyone had the chance to meet their birthday the next year. So, I am grateful if I had the chance every year to do so. Eh, I am not making explanation to eat cakes, okay..haha 

But that morning we are meeting our banker to sign an agreement at Amcorp Mall. So, first before any celebration, we settled everything with the banker. By noon we reached Aeon Shah Alam with the hope that Hanna would not be sleepy and cranky. Fuh, luckily she wasn't. Since we rarely goes to that Aeon, we decided to check out Index Living Mall, you know to survey for future reference..hihi. After not even 1 hour inside the shop, we decided to go for my birthday lunch. When you have a toddler running around in a shop full of glass decoration items, you'll constantly running or shouting. Penat wei jerit mintak Hanna jangan pegang sana pegang sini. Lagi penat dari bawak plastik beg barang groceries. Haha!

We chose to have our lunch at Olive Garden. It is an Italian pasta and cheese are the usual. At first I thought it is an Arabic restaurant! Maybe the ambiance kot. Haha. But, the food was great and prices are reasonable. Each dish comes with a side dish, so we got 2 side dishes. But there are not much variety for the side dishes. Nevertheless, we chose minestrone soup and caesar salad. As for the drinks we chose the bottomless drinks. But we never refill our glass as one time is more than enough (read: glass is very big)

Thursday, September 29, 2016


My email has been flooded with this hashtag.. #MYCYBERSALE. You know why? Because I am an online shopaholic :P I always shop online, let it be for clothes (obviously), Hanna's stuffs, organic dried food and even books. So, maybe for those who don't really shop online that much, you would not be excited as I am. 

When you enter the website, you'll see various categories that are on promotions. Of course, for myself I clicked on books & media. That's what I am interested in. I love books. I can spend hours in a bookstore and I am that way since I was 10. Earlier than that, like most of the kids, reading a book really not my hobby, watching cartoon is better. Haha. Oh, back to the topic, once you've clicked the category you like you'll see those stores that are having promotions.

I've purchased a few books and just waiting for them to arrive. Hihi. So, what are you waiting for? The sales would end tomorrow, so cepat-cepat :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Toddler's Speech Delay. Should You Be Worried?

There are some toddlers who can speak fast, some even can speak two words when they are about 1 year plus. Well, that did not happened with Hanna. My family members worried much that she is having speech delay, but as her mom, I know it is alright. How do I know? Yea.. I'm not going to say mother's instinct okay. Haha.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Impromptu Visit To The Beach

Last Saturday, we had an impromptu visit to the beach. Why? To clear our head and take a breather. It felt so good, to be able to get away from all sort of problems. We ended up having quality time with Hanna outdoor (surprise..surprise, because she already get used to only going to the mall..ish2)

This is Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang. From my place, it is about 86km. If you are from Klang/Shah Alam, just take Elite highway and exit at KLIA. From the KLIA toll, find Sepang exit. Once you reached Sepang town, please find Pantai Bagan Lalang signboard. Landmark: Goldcoast Sepang. It is beautiful and clean. The nearby food court is also clean. Surau is also there with clean telekung and sejadah. It is recommended for family outing.


Before we hit the beach, I let Hanna play at the playground first. She always get excited when she sees slides. Well, which toddler/kids does not? Haha. So, let her be. After both of us performed Asar prayer (taking turn of course..huhu), then only we hit the beach. This part, Hanna's parents yang excited. We're not really beach people but here, well let's just say the beach has the effect of charming new comers :P

So, here comes the funny/weird/difficult part. We always know Hanna is not really an outdoor girl. Dia akan rasa geli when it comes to grass or sand etc. She even cried for help if she saw daun kering near her shoes. Haha! I tried to put her in the water (not even deep for her), but she already protesting. How? Well, Hanna akan keraskan badan dia, like any other protesting toddler. Haha. Okay fine...fine... and look what I did

 Hahaha! Sorry Hanna, this is too funny. Mama and ayah have to print this picture of yours :) Mana tau, later you'll grow up loving the beach, this is the proof you're not loving the beach when you are little :P

Friday, September 02, 2016

End of Peak Season, End of Probation Period

Hello. Yeay.. It is Friday, finally!

It's been a month since my last post. Wow, I must be super busy liddat :P But, it is true. I am busy with the office work. You see, I work in tax area and for those companies which their financial year ended in December, July would be the deadline for them to submit their corporate tax return. To cut the story short and not boring, my job is to make sure the companies in the group submit their tax on time. You know, one day late, penalty already been imposed. Kalau kena bayar penalty because of I'm doing my job sambil lewa, well..not nice kan :)

When I joined the company, I know I am the sole personnel who will in charge of all the tax matters for the Group. I don't mind a heavy workload, provided that the workloads are aligned with my career plan. I joined at the beginning of peak period, which was during May. My job requires proper planning. But even with proper planning, when it involved cooperation with other, it might not goes as you planned. Imagine this, you are new and still try to remember the name of your colleagues, who does what and all sort of other stuffs newbie would be struggling. I on the other hand need to speed up and do what I can to add the value to my team (read: my team is actually my boss and I..haha)

And after 3 months of working at the company, this arrived on my table yesterday

The end of probation period :)
Alhamdulillah. I honestly love working here. May many good years with the company later on. Hehe.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jobseeker Tips

I love Saturday. Well, for working people, Saturday is the happy day..hihi. So, how's today treating you? Mine was good despite I have to swing by the office for a while to finish up my report. 

Oh, talking about working,  I just want to share my job seeking experience. I've previously shared certain advises I wished my young self would know here. Perhaps my tips here would help adik-adik who recently graduated or will be graduating in a few months :) Or maybe these can help someone who are going back out there to look for a new job. So, here we go....

#1 Resume

Whatever you wrote in that resume, please make sure you know it really well. Interviewer usually would like to know in details of experience you listed in your resume. For myself, if I only an assistant in a project, I would not state something to give an impression that I lead the project. Trust me, if you want to lie about something like that, the likelihood of getting the job is nada!

#2 Punctuality
Don't be late on the interview day. Yup, a classic advice, I know. But I also know a few of my friends given out tips that goes like this.."If you're gonna be late..just inform the interviewer". Are you kidding me? You don't even employed yet and you already have excuses. Excuse me, but if I were the boss, sorry, you're out.

#3 Job Portal
From my experience, I've got my second job and my current job through the post I have applied via Jobstreet. In addition, I've created LinkedIn account for my professional networking. For both, I make sure that my information is currently updated. As for jobstreet, my resume it's made view-able to those companies. I've got quite a number of interviews via LinkedIn when the companies' recruiters contacted me. That's why it is important to update your current contact details. 

#4 Preparation for Interview
Okay, I have discovered one particular site that I think really helpful for both freshies and experience hired. I love to read up the articles published in The Muse up till I view it at least once a day. In fact, when I went for the interview at Segi University, I put to practice the tips I've read from that site. Well, as that it is my rezeki. I've got the job! :)

#5 Attitude
Don't be too snobbish as if you know everything. Don't be too humble until your potential boss don't see your value.

#6 Don't Give Up
When I was a fresh graduate back about 5 years ago.. what I did during my last 3 months of final semester, I sent my resume to numerous companies. Of course, with these, means I've applied to various accounting and finance fields. I don't have specific accounting line I want to pursue. To that point I want to work soonest possible. But, with my internship in taxation, I've never been successful with other accounting posts interview. Only with my 10th interview, I've got my very first job.

#7 Find Your Niche
I am clueless of what I want to do as accounting is really a broad area. 5 years ago, I never thought I would love taxation. As a subject, theoretically it is boring. Who wants to read the Act, law cases yada..yada. And now, I love what I do. I have found my niche as not many accountants venture into this area. The main point is that, don't be frustrated if you don't start off your career in a job title you don't even think before. You would not know in future, it brings out the best in you :)

Well, that is from my own experience. The reason I'm sharing because I had the chance to talk to few future graduates. From what I've seen they don't know where to start to find a job, they are too choosy, and they have lots of excuses. So, if you want something, you have to try. If not, don't be mad if someone else get it. Kan?

Aiza Aidid

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Of Hanna's Duit Raya, Tabung Haji And Register Haji

It's been a while since my husband and I planned to register for Haji. So, since we are still on leave on Monday, 11th of July, we decided why not we do what we both have planned for. Bila lagi nak register kan? We are 28 years old already.

Before I share further, I want to say that I am very grateful to those who gave Hanna the duit raya. If you're following my blog, you will know that I am in the midst of revamping our family financial management (oh, please don't stop reading even it sounded boring). Seriously, I am just on time that I forced myself to change before I continue making bad financial choices. Back to Hanna's duit raya collection, Alhamdulillah, it was almost RM 800 for this year.

So, I decided that we must put in this money quickly in her Tabung Haji (TH) account. When we reached TH Klang, the queue was already very long. Sampai luar pintu masuk TH ok. Tapi dah alang-alang datang, of course continue with the plan. At the information counter, just informed what you want to do there today.

"Assalam Cik, Saya datang nak buka akaun TH for saya dengan anak saya. Pastu saya nak daftar untuk Haji sekali guna KWSP". 

Oh yes, I never open TH account, only have ASB account.That is what I said and the customer service gave 2 set of forms, one for myself and one for Hanna called "Borang Maklumat Ahli". Filled up the forms and then only you'll be given number. So, then just wait for your turn. We even had the chance to go out to eat breakfast. Takde rasa stress sangat tunggu dengan perut lapar (kalau puasa boleh pulak tahan kan..hehe)

Okay, important sharing, my husband already have his TH account set up. But the account is inactive for quite sometime. So if you're not sure on your account's status, just ask the information counter. Here are what I can share:

1. TH account that remains inactive for MORE than 7 years, TH will suspend it. If you want to continue depositing money, you need to open NEW account.

2. What happened with your money in old account? Okay, if you still have balance in your account, you may transfer the money (plus interest appreciated) to your new account. 

Okay lah jugak since your money is still there kan. At least, there is no loss :)

Back to the story, after we had our breakfast, when we were back at TH, there at least 10 more people before our turn. Finally.. it is our turn. We took separate number so easier. Once you sit in front of the officer, please tell her that you want to register Haji using KWSP account 2. Then she would want to see your KWSP's statement. You need to have minimum RM 1,300 in that account in order for you to do this. I've printed my statement so senang. After the process of keying my details, thumbprint and signature, I've finally have a TH account and registered for Haji! Alhamdulillah, settled one part. 

Our Tabung. Yeay!

What is another part? Well, the part where I need to save money consistently. Hehe.................

Next post, I will share on e-Thijari. Till then, bye!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Story of Raya 2016

At my grandparent's home. My atok is no longer around but
my aunty still lives here. So, of course 1st Syawal, here we are!

Raya this year fall on Wednesday. So mostly, people had started their leave on Monday that week. But I still went to work on Monday and started my leave on Tuesday. Best thing is that when you're one of the few people to go for work on those last few days of Ramadhan, there is no longer a heavy traffic. Yeay!

On Tuesday, I cooked Rendang Daging at my home. Oh yes, for Hari Raya dishes, I will always cook at my home. Then I'll give some to my mum. Well, that's why I don't cook Rendang Ayam as I know my mum will cook that dish. Haha. Then my husband came to me with this question.."Boleh masak Kari Ayam tak?Hehe". Even though 2 days earlier, I already cooked that dish for buka puasa. I said Okay, sure honey! But I cooked it in the morning of Raya :p Of course, there were Nasi Impit and Lemang to go with those dishes. Of course la Lemang instant, I duduk apartment, nak bakar lemang camne? Haha.

On the Raya morning, stressed! Hah la, my house still a mess as Hanna now at that terrible two age
-_- Kuih raya pun tak letak dalam bekas lagi. Then Kari Ayam tak masak lagi. OMG! Luckily our baju raya have been ironed the night before. So, while the curry was on the stove, I gathered (haha) all my energy and being the supermom cleaning + decorating the house as well. Hanna was not awake at that time. Then I heard the footsteps. Hanna's footsteps! Oh no..the house will be a mess again!

So, to distract her, I ask her to play at certain area only. At least, let the house still in a good shape until we are done taking family potrait :P Of course, not for long. Sibuklah budak tu nak masukkan biskut raya sama dalam bekas. Dah besar nanti sila rajin tolong. Haha! So, around 9 I decided to bathe and dressed her. Umpan la cakap nak pakai baju cantik tak. Oh, Hanna is the girly and glamorous type of girl. She loves dressing up and camera. Hehe.

After had our taste for Hari Raya dishes and snap pictures, we then went to my parents house. Of course, Hanna loves to go there as my brother and sister will entertain her. So I can relax. Hahaha. She even has a favorite spot at my parents' house. After few hours, then the normal jalan-jalan routine on Hari Raya started.

In summary for 1st Syawal: Parent's house > Aunty's house > Grandma's house > Uncle's house

So, here are some of my pictures for Raya this year. Not as much as last year but okay. I'm gonna print it later! Hehe

Baru lepas nangis #dramaqueen Hanna. LOL!

Actually, one of my sister is not here because she's working
on Hari Raya. Next year okay? :P


Again..the after crying face. Haha Hanna!

Tahan pulak dari pagi-petang pakai baju kurung tu. Terer la Hanna! Hehe

Okay..sekian cerita #Raya2016
Forgive my serabut shawl..I tried to hold #cameraaddict toddler. Haha!

Aiza Aidid

Monday, July 04, 2016

Of #JulyBabies Celebration

When it comes to July, there are 2 people in my family who will celebrate their birthdays. My sister and of course Hanna. My sister's birthday was on 2nd July. Well, for Hanna is her advanced birthday celebration since her birthday will be on 10th of July.  But, budak kan, pantang tengok candles and cakes. So, every birthday in my family must have 2 different cakes, one for the birthday person, the other one is for her only. Haha!

The #JulyBabies
Hanna can't even focused at the camera anymore! :P

Since my sister's birthday fall in the month of Ramadhan, the celebration of cutting cake and blowing candles was done after 9 pm. Actually, my sister would not be coming back as she needs to work during Hari Raya. Of course, Hari Raya would not be complete, but it is her final posting before completing her houseman, so good luck! :)

Hanna, well apart from getting excited about candles and cakes, she also very happy to see lampu raya and pelita. My husband bought some bunga api to play that night. At first we thought that she will be scared of the smokes and fire. But, on the other hand, she chased the fire like she was chasing bubbles. She was 'tough' like that. Hihi.

So, what we did was took as many family pictures as possible, but banyak pulak gambar tak jadi -_- This as if the replacement of complete Hari Raya family pictures. It's okay, hopefully next year you'll get enough leave to celebrate Hari Raya. See, how easy it is when your parents are more expert in using the monopod than you :P

Where's #hannafariha? :D

Hanna's Grandparents with Hanna's parents

Pre #Raya2016 family selfie

p/s: Typing this at the office. Yes, today is last working day before a long leave! Hehe

Friday, July 01, 2016

Shopping for #Raya2016

When it comes to Raya shopping, now I get everything done early. Hanna's clothes, my husband's baju melayu (1st week puasa dah beli tu..omg! haha), house decorations including lampu raya! Lol.

Deco stuffs bought at Kaison

For Raya of course there is budget for everything. And I put aside some budget for house decorations. Bese la mak-mak kan..haha! Currently, I love going to Kaison to find decorative stuff for our house. I even bought curtains, cushion covers and of course flowers there. The stuffs are nice but price is within budget. See, how important my budget is to me. I think to spend a little for Hari Raya preparation is okay as long as you spent wisely. I know some people like to shop else where for decorations and it is really up to you. For me, I don't have that much budget to spend so I choose to shop at Kaison :)

And just as I thought everything was ready, I forgot one thing. The preparation for myself!

Last 2 years, I gave birth to Hanna on 13 Ramadhan. So, during Hari Raya, I was in confinement period. Mood nak raya pun tak ade masa tu (maybe because I cannot fast, so..yea..). Then last year, Hanna turned 1 during Raya but she still cannot walk. So, to overly dressed her up, not really.

So, this year, Hanna now is almost 2. Apart from being able to walk, she already can run around and jump. Hence, the shopping raya is a lot for her this year. She can wear baju kurung or dress and looks nicer on her compared to last year, where she just sits on my lap wearing her kebaya :) And of course, when you have your own little family, you'll wear your baju raya according to theme color..hihi. This raya I mean we chose to wear purple..well, whatever with color of the year or not..haha.

For Hanna, of course her dad and I bought one pair of baju kurung, few dresses, jeans and tops. But we would buy 1 or 2 size bigger so that all can last longer. Haha! As for my own preparation, I just bought one pair of baju kurung and 2 tops at Setia City Mall. There is a shop that sell pretty and comfortable blouses with reasonable prices. Apart from that I bought 1 denim jubah from NILE. Yup, that's it! Cukup la kan..tak nak over budget, after all it's just clothes, and my shopping rationale is that, the clothes I bought must be able to wear to the office too :)

Casual wear for 2nd/3rd Raya. I can't decide. Ptff. Haha!

the lace kebaya cardigan I bought from Nile ;)

What I can say is that, when I got married and have Hanna, my shopping list for Hari Raya does not evolved around me only. When I was single let say my budget raya is RM 500, I can used up all that and buy stuff for myself only. Now, with that same amount, I have to divide it to several chunks of purpose, so pandai-pandai cari baju yang cantik but price takdelah melampau macam gaji separuh bulan :P 

p/s: Next, kemas rumah! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Let's Talk About Business

I've started to notice I have interest towards business in 2009. But I really never do anything about it. So, as the years passed, I thought my idea of having my own business will just bury inside me. Truthfully, I never had the courage to learn as it is something very risky to me. I am the type of person who don't like risk..even if there is risk, I'll minimize it as possible.

via Tumblr

But the thing about life, if you don't take the risk, you just would not know it. Hence, I took the risk of venturing into business in early 2015. I chose to sell muslimah attire, specifically jubah. I knew it would be difficult to compete with the bigger names so I put a little twist in the design by incorporated a little mix of batik garutan (from Indonesia). I put all the effort, money and of course faith for it to be successful. One mistake I've made, I overly trusted the tailor. The final products are not as good as the sample T-T 

It's okay, one mistake does not stop me from being myself. I started selling handmade batik material imported from Indonesia. The sales was good,,very good BUT there is imitate products, the printed ones. And the price is far more cheaper. There it is, I cannot sustain the competition. I finished off my stocks and whatever balance, I'm going to do my tops :p Some people don't get it why I do business. They think my salary was not enough, I'm too greedy bla bla bla.. No. I'm pursuing what I am interested in. I like fabrics and fashion (also food..hihi) So, what's wrong with sharing the nice things to others. Some people don't know where to get the products so I made available to them. Only then, we talk about money.

For the time being, I still active doing business but as agent and dropshipper only. It's okay to start back. I believe that I am still pursuing my dream as long as I don't give up. What other thinks, well whatever. Negative people are best to keep away :)

This is my business Instagram account.
You are most welcome to follow. 
Thank you :)

p/s: I should share with you what I learnt in the course of making business for the past years. Later!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Career Advice To My Younger Self

I started my first job in 3 weeks right after I finished my final exam paper. You know the feeling you had when you've been offered a job,,real time job (not an internship :p), you got so excited. Well, so did I. Excited that I would not be jobless and moping around the house wondering when I'll get a job living with my parents eating out their money. Haha.

via: Google

Although I am excited to start my first job, I had butterflies when I stepped in the office the day I reported. It was different you know when you had experience and you were just a fresh graduate. Now, after almost 5 years I left campus life, I like things I wish I knew back then when I first stepped in the working world. Hopefully, it'll be useful to all future graduates out there. 

Office is more than just work - You'll spend tons of hours in a week at the office..40 hours (or more definitely), so the tips for you here is to have friends at work. It is boring when you are always alone. When you feel stressed out, you can rant to these friends and they will get you because you guys are at the same environment. Imagine if you're alone then you ranted out to someone who is outside the office, who will understand you. So, be nice and have friends.

via: Google

Stand up for yourself - You will definitely be reporting to someone when you're working (unless it's your own company). I had 2 bad negative supervisors before, and negative here means whenever they speak, it always negative. I used to take their words seriously and try to improve to whatever expectation they had in mind. Little did I know, these type of people..well they just like being negative. So, one day I decided not to allow them to belittled myself anymore. The important lesson here, bullies are not in school only, they are everywhere. So, stand up for yourself.

Office gossips and politics are real - Lesson 1, don't indulge yourself in those even you are trying to make friends. You for sure would not need those type of friends. Lesson 2, don't be the one who spread the gossips. It will make you look like hurmm.. tin real values whatsoever. Lesson 3, office politics are everywhere, so if you resigned from company A because of this, you'll definitely find it again in company B.

Speak up - You know when you are less experience, you tend to speak about your ideas INSIDE your head. You are maybe afraid that your ideas will get rejected or maybe your working environment don't appreciate new ideas from young executives. I've experienced it all. You need to learn to speak up about your ideas and opinions. As for something you are blurred about, just ask questions.

Your teammates are not your rival - Please just don't. No backstabbing or bad-mouthing your own teammates in front of your boss.

Continuous learning - You will not know everything. Even you are a first class student, when you enter the working world, your experience is still zero. Yes, you have the basics but that's it. So learn with everyone, even the tea lady. Everyone has their own lessons for you to learn.

Discuss - There are tasks that we dread to do and keep postponing it to other time. Procrastinate really not the answer. I used to be like this. But through out the years, I learn to discuss with my boss and when things are beyond my control, my boss will take action. Better than you doing nothing and then it all be too late.

via: Google

This list would not be everything as I will learn new tips and tricks along the way. At my current job, I remembered all these and Alhamdulillah, my daily working experience and environment is smooth sailing. I believe in one thing, choose the work you love and you will not feel it as burden.

Monday, June 13, 2016

One Month Before The Terrible Two

At 23 months old, Hanna talks a lot. Well, in her own language of course. And it comes with the tantrums as well. She can be..hurm..very pushy. When she wants something she wants it now. She don't understand later. Well, I think most toddlers are like that. I read somewhere before. that at that age, they feel all sort of emotions but they don't know how to communicate it yet, hence the tantrums and all sort of behaviors that us, parents, label as naughty.

See that duck (or's confusing, really) she's holding?
Yea..instead of ice cream, she wanted that. Why do you want that???

Around this age, Hanna also gets excited of all the things that she thought are for her. For example like my dad's (Hanna's Tok Daddy) birthday celebration on last Saturday. She was very excited and thought that cake was for her. Lagi excited bila nampak lilin! What she did was she poked the cake with her chubby finger and licked the cream. And then.. clapped her hands. Oh, manners Hanna, manners. Haha. One thing, when she really like something, she goes "wahhhhh.." especially when she joined me for shopping. Yes, that one is all from me :p

And of course..dah pandai mengadu sekarang ni. When she is upset with me, she will go to her dad. When she is upset with her dad, she'll come to me. But she will utter the same word "Ma...niiiii". Well, that is her mengadu words. When she try to be funny (and it is funny) she called her dad "Abuuuu" instead of Ayah. Sorry love, this one is a story to keep :)

The "I am a big girl" phase. She wants to do everything on her own. She like to feel pretty. And I think this one is because she is a girl.  She will ask for her lotion every night to put on her face, hands and legs. She put on everything by herself. When it is time to go out, she will ask for perfume. My expensive perfume T-T 

Datin Hanna :P

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Homemade Cookies For Raya

This year is the 4th Raya for us as husband and wife. For the Raya preparation, I mean about the food, I will always prepare the chicken rendang and nasi impit for us as breakfast before we went to my parent's house.

As for the Raya cookies, usually I will just order/ buy the ready made. What people call kuih tunjuk-tunjuk. Well, you just point which one you want and pay for it, then off you go. Betul la jugak. Haha. This year, I want to do something different. I am thinking of baking my Raya cookies, yes homemade by myself. It would be fun to get Hanna's "help" in the kitchen. I just need to get the ingredients to make those cookies. My husband requested cornflakes cookies. Well, who does not love those :)

My assistant for groceries shopping today ;)

Here are my tips to get this done (read: hopefully, it'll get done)

#1 Shortlist Recipe
I ask what my husband wants. I know which cookies I want. Hanna will eat all since she loves munching. So, any cookies she'll eat. Haha. The recipe should be simple since I am working and I need to find time to prepare and bake.

#2  Google The Recipe
Of course I need recipes for those chosen cookies. Unlike cooking, I rarely bake. I bake on occasion (read: only for Hanna's birthday), so referring to recipe is much needed. 

#3 Groceries List
Don't waste money buy extra ingredients you think you'll use. That's why it is important to have the recipe first then only prepare the groceries list. Plus, you don't want to max out your grocery budget for unnecessary ingredients right? Remember, when you made homemade food, you're supposed to save money.

#4 Time
Choose convenient time to bake. If you're working, don't choose weeknights. You can start on Friday night and weekend. The time you want to spend baking is really up to you. I am thinking to bake on Friday night and weekend nights only. So during the day I can do something else. I'll start with the least delicious first maybe. Because if I start with the most favorite cookies, later during Raya, it'll all be gone :P

Hopefully, it'll get done. Haha!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Disturbing Issue

About a week ago, on Facebook, there was a viral post regarding a Telegram group of pedophile in Malaysia. The members of the group is about 750+ members. That is really a lot and it is a very alarming news. Of course I am worried. Why should not I?

I am a mother and have a toddler daughter. It is true, that no place is safe now. Then there is this comments on why you should not share so much posts and pictures about your kids. I love sharing moments with Hanna. Why us as the parents should be blamed? Of course, I do agree with filtering the appropriate photos. With the sick pedophiles out there and for all we know is in our close circle of trust, yes we must be extra be careful. 

How you identify a pedophile? Well, you can't really tell actually. They mix with us, look like us, live among us. It is heartbreaking when I read the posts of confessions of adults which previously have been sexually harassed in the past when they were little.  Even more worst, when they told adults about what happened to them, they were not believed. How could you as a mom believe your little girl would make up such stories? Geram rasa.

I hope that there will be a public access to see the sex public offenders list so we parents can take extra precautions with whom we mix around. As for moms, come on, believe your little ones. Yes, even it is something you denied, something hurtful to you. If it is hurtful to you, imagine how much your little girl/boy hurting? And when you as mom, who supposed to protect him/her shut them by not believing their stories, that hurts even more. 

And right now, I am scared..thinking they are a lot of people in our circle of trust that we see as normal people but they are actually not normal. They are monsters who will destroy our kids childhood. *sigh*

Financial Management I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated

Sekarang ni bila scroll Facebook, banyak page yang promote a good financial management kan. Maybe dulu-dulu ada je tapi biasalah.. nama pun undergrad.. kalau online tuh, facebook biasa scroll benda2 tak ada faedah pun. Kalau online pun, online benda nak shopping. Naive and very indiscipline T-T

So, bila dah grad, awareness on how to manage duit gaji, cara savings, hutang mana yang tak patut buat dulu, semua I tak tahu. The very first mistake I've made was beli kereta baru. Yes, my parents ade chipped in some money + my own downpayment I tinggi. Tapi still.. monthly payment for brand new Saga FLX was almost RM 400 monthly for 5 years. That was in 2011. 

Yelah, contoh gaji graduate RM 2,500. Yes, tak banyak pun tapi ok lah since I live with my parents kan. Pastu bersih dalam RM 2,200 je kot.. Tolak RM 400..dah tinggal RM 1,800. Expenses macam lunch, minyak, and tol estimate dalam RM 500. Ada balance RM 1,300. The second mistake I've made was tak bawak bekal pergi kerja. Office kat Bangsar South, kedai makan for lunch bukan kedai murah ye. Pastu patut tak payah drive, naik je KTM and LRT. Again biasa la, orang baru kerja, konon boleh bayar macam-macam sebab konon gaji banyak. KONON je. Overall, patut boleh simpan max RM 1,500 mcm tu. Total savings, kadang-kadang tak sampai RM 100. Haih.

Then masa nak kawen baru sedar kena start saving up. Nasib baik sedar jugak. So lepas kerja dalam setahun lebih macam tu, my partner and I decided to get married. Mula plan nak sewa rumah, tapi rasa rugi. And again, with a little saving here and there plus my parents help we purchased our own home. The monthly instalment RM 640/month for 20 years. I think this one is the correct decision that we have made :) Alhamdulillah, dah dapat 1 asset. Tapi, lepas tu pergi pulak buat loan easy RHB for RM 20,000 for 5 years. Dah monthly instalment almost RM 500. That time gaji naik sikit, and gaji bersih dalam RM 2,700 and total komitmen masa tu dah RM 900. Dah start rasa beban. Balik semula tak dapat buat savings after kawen tu. 

Not only that, I have 2 credit cards. Hutang credit card masa tu dalam RM 8,000 kot. I dah cannot afford to pay even the minimum. Cari jalan with my husband and settled hutang tu cepat-cepat. See, how bad my financial management masa awal-awal kerja dulu.

So, here are the things I wish I knew so all the mistakes I've made right after I graduated never happened:

#1 Saving is a must
Memang kena asingkan siap-siap bila dapat gaji. First, dapat gaji asingkan total komitmen yang wajib bayar (read: yang tak boleh missed bayar). Then, asingkan for savings, tak kisah lah berapa, simpan je sikit-sikit. The balance for expenses macam groceries and lauk, pandai-pandai cukupkan.

#2 Jangan beli kereta jika tak ada keperluan
Masa study I ada kereta kelisa secondhand, which is in a good condition. Never really know why I decided to purchase brand new car. Menyesal jugak, but luckily that car loan dah fully settled. So, lepas ni, lama lagi I akan beli kereta baru. Saga tu elok je lagi. Hihi

#3 Avoid personal loan
Oh, lupa..personal loan I buat tu for our house renovation. Tapi patut guna duit savings but duit savings tak cukup that time. So, moving forward, semua yang nak pakai belanja besar, I dah buat financial plan, so nampak clear bila savings akan cukup and bila boleh belanjakan duit tu.

#4 Credit card
Simple rule: 
Bole pakai kalau you can make full settlement by due date. 
Pakai for minimum amount. 
Pakai for emergency. 

Tak ada duit for beli baju or kasut bukan emergency. I've learnt it the hard way. Lagi senang pakai cash je. Tak ada cash, tak payah beli.

#5 Proper budget
I start buat detailed budget end of last year. Memang kena buat sebab nak face the reality about my financial position. Barulah nampak how severe it is that we don't have enough savings. Baru-baru ni I revised balik the budget, sebab to take into consideration of my new income. So, hopefully, after this boleh start savings as per planned.

#6 Control your controllable expenses
Duit lunch, duit shopping, duit groceries..semua ni boleh control. Nak jimat, jangan banyak makan dekat luar. Avoid shopping termasuklah online shopping. This one I am still struggling but dah manage to control even not fully. Harap bulan puasa ni jangan membazir. Bese mommies ni membazir beli barang anak :p

I was lucky I hit the ground fast. Nasib baik sedar awal, masa still in my 20s. Kalau tak sedar diri lagi, tak tahulah. Itu pun tahan diri untuk tukar kereta even with a new salary I can afford it. I'm thinking to collect assets rather than tambah hutang :)