Mid May

May 13, 2012

Hello people :)

To those who still reading this blog, million thanks to you!!! I rarely have the time to update but still I try to click the 'new post' button once in a while. The purpose of this blog, which is to share with my readers still has not changed. So, today's update is what I've been doing lately.

Firstly, I'm a working girl (girl??..haha) now and it's almost two months now. Alhamdulillah, I love my job :) I'm working in accounting firm, specialized in taxation. So, anyone who has any query about this area, you can ask me..hehe. Last month, is very busy month for me even though I'm still new. But, for me if you like your job, then no excuses would be given, right? :p

Oh, yes, what's normal for any working people is the excitement when the weekend comes. Yeah, I know the feeling! hehe. It started right after lunch time every Friday. My weekends so far was great. Last week I watched The Avengers with my love. 

So, happy weekend everyone!! Well, it is still Sat... oops.. it's already Sunday. And the routines resume on Monday :)

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