Clingy Girlfriend

May 17, 2012

Hello ladies! :)

See the title above? Well, that's what I want to share today. Oh, before that, this is not just about clingy girlfriend as in couple relationship. Sometimes, this happens when you befriend with girl; you know the normal girls friendship. Yeah, I'm talking based on my experience. And that's what my post is about today.

Okay, start marking my words now. This type of girl will do all the listed below:

#1 She approach you nicely. Yela kan, org nak buat jadi bff kan, kena la cakap elok2. And then, once you're comfortable with her then the 'drama' starts.

#2 She always telling her personal problems, even you just knew her. Everyday come with every different problems. From my experience, this behaviour is to gain sympathy so that she would not be left alone.

#3 She starts to control you. You cannot go lunch with someone else. She wants to join the hangout you planned with your other friends which she don't even know. And the feeling I had at that time is really confused and a bit suffocating. 

#4 The most annoying behaviour is when she starts to act immature. You know the kind of childish act like sulking, cold shoulders etc. What I did, I ignore her. Haha!

What you need to do when you accidentally befriend this kind of girl?

My first approach is I slow talk with her. State clearly that you don't like this clingy attitude and ask her to at least behave if still wants to be your friends. Oh yes, depends on the level of her 'clingyness', I suggest you choose your words wisely. Sometimes this clingy girlfriend, can be very sensitive and also to the extend she can be a psycho. So, be careful. But, if that doesn't work, then the best thing to do cut off the friendship. It's not good for you, so why bother?

Lastly, ask this to yourself?

If no, then good! Yeay for you :)

If yes, please change because in the long term, you'll lose many friends and in the end you would not have any friend to share all your memories with. 

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