April 15, 2012

This is all about last weekend.
While my dad had reunion with his old friends,
we as in my mom, sisters and me tagged along.
It's like weekend getaway.
Yeay! =)

The place is comfortable,
but the breakfast buffet is not really good,
in terms of the services. But maybe because there are so many people.

Since my dad went golfing, this is the ride we took
to go to the theme park. The 1st time around, I had sweaty palms.

Finally! Reached the place. But on that day we do not
played any games. Just explored everything
That face is my tired and hungry face :)

The 4D cinema! It has 2 different movies showing every 30 mins.
Well, not really a movie, more like short story XD

See, what my sister is wearing? And the movie not even started yet.
But, for safety reason you need to put on those seat belts.

And.. these are all the rest of the pictures....

Well, to my brother, sorry u can't joined. Hehe
It's okay, we'll go next time around.

And this weekend, well
I went out with him
and watched BATTLESHIP. The rating is 9/10!!
Well, that is according to my rating la kan. Hehe.

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