It's Worth In The End

March 08, 2012

This week has its ups and down. Finally, the result is out on Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, finally I can say that I am officially an accounting graduate from MMU. After 4 years of studying and I know this is worth every effort I put in. I'll make a different post about campus life in MMU. For me, it gives me more than just a degree :)

I attended few interviews so just wait and hopefully I get a job within the time I've estimated. But, all these is beyond our control. All I can do is do my best and hope everything would turn out okay. Hopefully, amin.

One more thing, I watched John Carter! Hehe. The movie is okay but somehow I think I'm watching Star Wars because there are those green creatures. But the movie of this month that I really want to watch is The Vow, cepat la keluar..haha.

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Oh, yes. There is a lot to blog about and to share with you guys. I have a lot of plans. The upcoming and confirmed plan is holiday with the family, even 2 members would not be joining. Nasib la korang..haha. For myself, I would take this vacation as my stress cure because I have been busy since early this year with my final semester and job interviews. I want this as my reward. So, I come back refresh and gained more energy for whatever is next for me XD

p/s: I have done my best. The best thing to do now is pray.

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