Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getaway 2012

Hey guys! In my last update I mentioned about going somewhere for the family vacation right? So, here are some of the pictures that I want to share with you :)

I went to 3 states in 6 days. All in the northern region. Yes, tiring but had fun. With lots of food consumption and well.. purse getting thinner. Hehe!

Tried to watch the sunset, but there it was still very bright like it was 5.30 p.m
although when this picture was taken the watch showed 7.25 p.m

Next, is the food. I ate lots of seafood,
well, who doesn't when it is a beach vacation??

The pictures above were taken when I had dinner at a place called "Restoran Nelayan" located at Pantai Chenang. It is a small wooden place, and you need to be there early as it is usually crowded with people. If possible, go there with a local if you are not familiar with the place because the place is quite confusing. Well, for me all the seafood are worth of my RM 200+. Ehem, my dad's RM 200. Hehe!

Why do they look young in this picture??
Hurm... effects of nice vacation! Yes, must be that.
Say hello to my folks, people! ;)

p/s: The rest of the pictures will be entering, what else.. facebook. Later guys! XD

Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's Worth In The End

This week has its ups and down. Finally, the result is out on Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, finally I can say that I am officially an accounting graduate from MMU. After 4 years of studying and I know this is worth every effort I put in. I'll make a different post about campus life in MMU. For me, it gives me more than just a degree :)

I attended few interviews so just wait and hopefully I get a job within the time I've estimated. But, all these is beyond our control. All I can do is do my best and hope everything would turn out okay. Hopefully, amin.

One more thing, I watched John Carter! Hehe. The movie is okay but somehow I think I'm watching Star Wars because there are those green creatures. But the movie of this month that I really want to watch is The Vow, cepat la keluar..haha.

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Oh, yes. There is a lot to blog about and to share with you guys. I have a lot of plans. The upcoming and confirmed plan is holiday with the family, even 2 members would not be joining. Nasib la korang..haha. For myself, I would take this vacation as my stress cure because I have been busy since early this year with my final semester and job interviews. I want this as my reward. So, I come back refresh and gained more energy for whatever is next for me XD

p/s: I have done my best. The best thing to do now is pray.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

1st Quarter

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March already? Well, hello people! Finally, an update ;)

I've been at home since last 2 weeks and right now waiting for my results. Hopefully, everything goes well. Ever think about possibilities and uncertainties? Yeah, a friend told me that is the beauty of life. That what makes life to be more adventurous. She's right. But, somehow, the level of adventures is subjective. Some may like it, well the rest do not take it very well.

You study hard. You get good grades. Your friend isn't the smart one. You both went for an interview. You did well. You didn't get the job. Your friend did. Well, that happens. Always.

You study but not hard enough. Your grades are moderate. You waited for a long time to get a job. Finally, you got one. A real good one. That happened too.

You grades suck big time. So does your other skills. You know people, real 'big' people. You've got a job within a week time. Again, that's how the world these days.

So, the best way is to wait and be patience. I am learning to be grateful for whatever I have at this moment and I am doing it right now. And time will tell because He knows what's best for me.