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February 03, 2012

Good... erm.. morning (I guess) people!

My eyes almost closed but I better finish this off. I'm taking a break from all the notes and questions. Yup, I'm in my study week. Time fly fast :(

Alright, about this post, I usually have the list of movies I want to watch for that year. If you've been reading this blog since it's early age (haha!), u'll sure know about this. But, for this year, I've forgot (how come!!!). So, here is the 2012 movies' list.

The Superheroes movies

Avengers 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

How about, Action movie?
I'll go for this one

This Means War
Oh, yes, I would like to watch Taken 2 too XD

Vampire Movies???
Yes, I know you do!

The finale of Twilight!

Benjamin Franklin, Vampire Hunter
A new one right? =)

All time favorite!

Adam Sandler in I Hate You, Dad

As the picture says, The Big Wedding

Now, how about some fairy tale based movie?

Snow White and The Huntsman
But, Kristen Stewart as Snow White?
Hurm :/
Should be Amanda Seyfried :)

Well, last but not least,
Novel based movie
and based on one of my favorite author
Nicholas Spark's novels

The Vow

The Lucky One

p/s: I've watched Journey 2 last week. Awesome! Anyone watched Chronicles?

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