Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Less Than A Month

Everyone is in the holiday mood. It'll be a long weekend right? =) For me, the study week has already started. And this semester would be my last semester to sit for exams. My first paper would be on 14th February.

There are so many things on my plate right now. I concerned way too much too. So, for the next few weeks, I shall just go with the flow. Something about myself is that, I like to minimize risks to its lowest point. Actually, I don't like risk at all. I like to plan ahead. If something goes wrong with my plans, I'll start having panic attack.

But, last week, I don't know what encourage me to drive alone to place I've never been. Oh, it's not a bad place, people. It's just out of my normal route. Still, I print out the map, and my bf is sweet enough to install GPS in my x10. So, I drive a little bit early to check out the place. On my way back to Cyberjaya, somehow the GPS was stuck. So, I just follow the signboards. And I drove following the farthest route to Cyberjaya. Sabo jela..haha.

What I want to share is, if you always in your comfort zone, you'll never learn anything. Yes, you'll be very good, but your learning curve would be static. What is one day, your comfort zone get disrupted? You must do at least something to keep going.

You must at least try to do the thing you're afraid to do. If not, you'll never know your true potential. Your upper limit of ability. Once you overcome your fear, it does not mean you become fearless.

And, with less than a month, I'll be graduating, InsyaAllah. Good bye to campus life and hello reality =( With that comes the potentials, risks and uncertainties. Just hoping for the best.

p/s: Best of luck, dear self.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Book

Hello people!

It's been a month plus since I last blogged. I just been very busy and still currently busy. What am I up to? Final year student's life and all.

So, how's 2012 been treating you? Mine, so far is okay. Not much different from December but still, it is too early to say anything. My resolutions? I do have, but let's just keep it to myself. And yes, today some people really make quite a fuss about Friday the 13th. Personally, I don't believe such thing. But whoever who believe it, I respect your beliefs.

"Your luck is determined by your effort"

Well, that is something I believe in. That's about today. I know it is almost 2 weeks after New Year. But, still I want to upload those pictures. Oh, I don't celebrate New Year with countdown and fireworks. The usual celebration is my parent's anniversary, and for their 24th, is was at Zam Zam Arabic Restaurant, Shah Alam.

We got there quite late, around 9 p.m. And the food which rice-based almost sold out. We end up eating kebabs and bread. And we got the food we ordered really late. It gave us a lot of "free" time. See, they don't have the mood to take pictures. But as usual, we as in me, my sister and brother still want to use the "free" time for camwhoring XD

That's what made me plan to eat good food the next day, which on 1st January 2012. This time with him.

Yes, this time it is Delicious! ;)
And here comes the food.

By the time this Hazelnut Cheesecake arrived, our stomach is already full. But still, we figured that it shall not be wasted. So, come on, eat it slowly. I mean really S.L.O.W. Heee~

Time for the finale....................

... focus on the RECEIPT! way too focus. haha
Anyway, thanks for your treat my love ;)

This post is the postponed updates with lots of pictures. Just scroll your mouse reading this entry as it is longer than usual =)