Friday, December 14, 2012


When you think you always right just remember you're not perfect.
When you criticize others just remember you've made mistakes too. Perhaps, even more.
When you don't want to respect others decisions, well what do you expect? 

When you start to do the 'selection' process do not get hurt when others would not make you their first choice,
When you keep being so calculative, well others will start their counting too.
Start with being prejudice and what you get is shattered bonding and long lasting hurt.

What hurt the most is when all of these is done by the people that you love dearly. Your back is stabbed. 

p/s: That explain the heartache I always feel these days.

Monday, October 01, 2012

One Step Closer

I'm engaged to the man I love.
One step closer.

I'll update more on the special day once
I gather all the pictures.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

For Now.

Hello :)

This is the longest MIA I've done. 


At least for now. No, no. I'm not closing down this blog. Just for a moment since there'll be a few upcoming events. 

I'll see you when September ends for brand new entries :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

One of My Heroes Had Gone. Forever.

Monday, 11.15 a.m
June 18th, 2012.

I took 1/2 day EL because my grandpa been admitted to Pantai Specialist the night before. I waited until 6 a.m. The plan is to go to work since I have urgent cases to pass to my team and then go back to hospital to visit him after work. 

While I drove my car, then the phone rang and I saw my dad's name on it. My guts tell me something is wrong. Why would my dad called me while I'm driving unless something urgent came up? Then, there's the news. The news that I don't want to hear. The second fatherly figure in the family had gone. Forever.

I went to the office and do what I need to do. In just 5 minutes, I rushed back with tears I can't no longer hold back. 

I have so many good memories with him. He's the one who encourage me to read by buying as many story books as I want. He's the one who taught me to read the clock when I was 4. May I remind you it's the analog clock :) I love his nasi goreng planta. And yes, he's a great cook! The story telling time when he was a British army and the World War II story. He's the one who accompany me while I wait for my bus to go to school. And lots of memories to go down the list. I'm happy to have him as my grandpa :)

He is the best grandfather. And he'll remains to be my favorite grandpa. And, I know he's in a better place now and prayers is the only thing I can give as gifts for him. 

Al-Fatihah. Semoga roh atuk ditempatkan dalam 
golongan orang-orang beriman. Amin.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 years 5 days

Hello people. How's your weekend? Mine was great! 
Some people said 5 years is a big number for a relationship.
Some ask how do u manage to be with this one for years.

My answer would be:
When I can be myself around that person, that is the person
I'm going to marry. And it's you, love.

To us;
May everything that we plan for this year and years onward
come true with all the blessings :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clingy Girlfriend

Hello ladies! :)

See the title above? Well, that's what I want to share today. Oh, before that, this is not just about clingy girlfriend as in couple relationship. Sometimes, this happens when you befriend with girl; you know the normal girls friendship. Yeah, I'm talking based on my experience. And that's what my post is about today.

Okay, start marking my words now. This type of girl will do all the listed below:

#1 She approach you nicely. Yela kan, org nak buat jadi bff kan, kena la cakap elok2. And then, once you're comfortable with her then the 'drama' starts.

#2 She always telling her personal problems, even you just knew her. Everyday come with every different problems. From my experience, this behaviour is to gain sympathy so that she would not be left alone.

#3 She starts to control you. You cannot go lunch with someone else. She wants to join the hangout you planned with your other friends which she don't even know. And the feeling I had at that time is really confused and a bit suffocating. 

#4 The most annoying behaviour is when she starts to act immature. You know the kind of childish act like sulking, cold shoulders etc. What I did, I ignore her. Haha!

What you need to do when you accidentally befriend this kind of girl?

My first approach is I slow talk with her. State clearly that you don't like this clingy attitude and ask her to at least behave if still wants to be your friends. Oh yes, depends on the level of her 'clingyness', I suggest you choose your words wisely. Sometimes this clingy girlfriend, can be very sensitive and also to the extend she can be a psycho. So, be careful. But, if that doesn't work, then the best thing to do cut off the friendship. It's not good for you, so why bother?

Lastly, ask this to yourself?

If no, then good! Yeay for you :)

If yes, please change because in the long term, you'll lose many friends and in the end you would not have any friend to share all your memories with. 

Images: From Mr Google

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mid May

Hello people :)

To those who still reading this blog, million thanks to you!!! I rarely have the time to update but still I try to click the 'new post' button once in a while. The purpose of this blog, which is to share with my readers still has not changed. So, today's update is what I've been doing lately.

Firstly, I'm a working girl (girl??..haha) now and it's almost two months now. Alhamdulillah, I love my job :) I'm working in accounting firm, specialized in taxation. So, anyone who has any query about this area, you can ask me..hehe. Last month, is very busy month for me even though I'm still new. But, for me if you like your job, then no excuses would be given, right? :p

Oh, yes, what's normal for any working people is the excitement when the weekend comes. Yeah, I know the feeling! hehe. It started right after lunch time every Friday. My weekends so far was great. Last week I watched The Avengers with my love. 

So, happy weekend everyone!! Well, it is still Sat... oops.. it's already Sunday. And the routines resume on Monday :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This is all about last weekend.
While my dad had reunion with his old friends,
we as in my mom, sisters and me tagged along.
It's like weekend getaway.
Yeay! =)

The place is comfortable,
but the breakfast buffet is not really good,
in terms of the services. But maybe because there are so many people.

Since my dad went golfing, this is the ride we took
to go to the theme park. The 1st time around, I had sweaty palms.

Finally! Reached the place. But on that day we do not
played any games. Just explored everything
That face is my tired and hungry face :)

The 4D cinema! It has 2 different movies showing every 30 mins.
Well, not really a movie, more like short story XD

See, what my sister is wearing? And the movie not even started yet.
But, for safety reason you need to put on those seat belts.

And.. these are all the rest of the pictures....

Well, to my brother, sorry u can't joined. Hehe
It's okay, we'll go next time around.

And this weekend, well
I went out with him
and watched BATTLESHIP. The rating is 9/10!!
Well, that is according to my rating la kan. Hehe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getaway 2012

Hey guys! In my last update I mentioned about going somewhere for the family vacation right? So, here are some of the pictures that I want to share with you :)

I went to 3 states in 6 days. All in the northern region. Yes, tiring but had fun. With lots of food consumption and well.. purse getting thinner. Hehe!

Tried to watch the sunset, but there it was still very bright like it was 5.30 p.m
although when this picture was taken the watch showed 7.25 p.m

Next, is the food. I ate lots of seafood,
well, who doesn't when it is a beach vacation??

The pictures above were taken when I had dinner at a place called "Restoran Nelayan" located at Pantai Chenang. It is a small wooden place, and you need to be there early as it is usually crowded with people. If possible, go there with a local if you are not familiar with the place because the place is quite confusing. Well, for me all the seafood are worth of my RM 200+. Ehem, my dad's RM 200. Hehe!

Why do they look young in this picture??
Hurm... effects of nice vacation! Yes, must be that.
Say hello to my folks, people! ;)

p/s: The rest of the pictures will be entering, what else.. facebook. Later guys! XD

Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's Worth In The End

This week has its ups and down. Finally, the result is out on Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, finally I can say that I am officially an accounting graduate from MMU. After 4 years of studying and I know this is worth every effort I put in. I'll make a different post about campus life in MMU. For me, it gives me more than just a degree :)

I attended few interviews so just wait and hopefully I get a job within the time I've estimated. But, all these is beyond our control. All I can do is do my best and hope everything would turn out okay. Hopefully, amin.

One more thing, I watched John Carter! Hehe. The movie is okay but somehow I think I'm watching Star Wars because there are those green creatures. But the movie of this month that I really want to watch is The Vow, cepat la keluar..haha.

from Tumblr

Oh, yes. There is a lot to blog about and to share with you guys. I have a lot of plans. The upcoming and confirmed plan is holiday with the family, even 2 members would not be joining. Nasib la korang..haha. For myself, I would take this vacation as my stress cure because I have been busy since early this year with my final semester and job interviews. I want this as my reward. So, I come back refresh and gained more energy for whatever is next for me XD

p/s: I have done my best. The best thing to do now is pray.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

1st Quarter

from Tumblr

March already? Well, hello people! Finally, an update ;)

I've been at home since last 2 weeks and right now waiting for my results. Hopefully, everything goes well. Ever think about possibilities and uncertainties? Yeah, a friend told me that is the beauty of life. That what makes life to be more adventurous. She's right. But, somehow, the level of adventures is subjective. Some may like it, well the rest do not take it very well.

You study hard. You get good grades. Your friend isn't the smart one. You both went for an interview. You did well. You didn't get the job. Your friend did. Well, that happens. Always.

You study but not hard enough. Your grades are moderate. You waited for a long time to get a job. Finally, you got one. A real good one. That happened too.

You grades suck big time. So does your other skills. You know people, real 'big' people. You've got a job within a week time. Again, that's how the world these days.

So, the best way is to wait and be patience. I am learning to be grateful for whatever I have at this moment and I am doing it right now. And time will tell because He knows what's best for me.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Off All 2012 Movies

Good... erm.. morning (I guess) people!

My eyes almost closed but I better finish this off. I'm taking a break from all the notes and questions. Yup, I'm in my study week. Time fly fast :(

Alright, about this post, I usually have the list of movies I want to watch for that year. If you've been reading this blog since it's early age (haha!), u'll sure know about this. But, for this year, I've forgot (how come!!!). So, here is the 2012 movies' list.

The Superheroes movies

Avengers 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

How about, Action movie?
I'll go for this one

This Means War
Oh, yes, I would like to watch Taken 2 too XD

Vampire Movies???
Yes, I know you do!

The finale of Twilight!

Benjamin Franklin, Vampire Hunter
A new one right? =)

All time favorite!

Adam Sandler in I Hate You, Dad

As the picture says, The Big Wedding

Now, how about some fairy tale based movie?

Snow White and The Huntsman
But, Kristen Stewart as Snow White?
Hurm :/
Should be Amanda Seyfried :)

Well, last but not least,
Novel based movie
and based on one of my favorite author
Nicholas Spark's novels

The Vow

The Lucky One

p/s: I've watched Journey 2 last week. Awesome! Anyone watched Chronicles?

Image: Google

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Less Than A Month

Everyone is in the holiday mood. It'll be a long weekend right? =) For me, the study week has already started. And this semester would be my last semester to sit for exams. My first paper would be on 14th February.

There are so many things on my plate right now. I concerned way too much too. So, for the next few weeks, I shall just go with the flow. Something about myself is that, I like to minimize risks to its lowest point. Actually, I don't like risk at all. I like to plan ahead. If something goes wrong with my plans, I'll start having panic attack.

But, last week, I don't know what encourage me to drive alone to place I've never been. Oh, it's not a bad place, people. It's just out of my normal route. Still, I print out the map, and my bf is sweet enough to install GPS in my x10. So, I drive a little bit early to check out the place. On my way back to Cyberjaya, somehow the GPS was stuck. So, I just follow the signboards. And I drove following the farthest route to Cyberjaya. Sabo jela..haha.

What I want to share is, if you always in your comfort zone, you'll never learn anything. Yes, you'll be very good, but your learning curve would be static. What is one day, your comfort zone get disrupted? You must do at least something to keep going.

You must at least try to do the thing you're afraid to do. If not, you'll never know your true potential. Your upper limit of ability. Once you overcome your fear, it does not mean you become fearless.

And, with less than a month, I'll be graduating, InsyaAllah. Good bye to campus life and hello reality =( With that comes the potentials, risks and uncertainties. Just hoping for the best.

p/s: Best of luck, dear self.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Book

Hello people!

It's been a month plus since I last blogged. I just been very busy and still currently busy. What am I up to? Final year student's life and all.

So, how's 2012 been treating you? Mine, so far is okay. Not much different from December but still, it is too early to say anything. My resolutions? I do have, but let's just keep it to myself. And yes, today some people really make quite a fuss about Friday the 13th. Personally, I don't believe such thing. But whoever who believe it, I respect your beliefs.

"Your luck is determined by your effort"

Well, that is something I believe in. That's about today. I know it is almost 2 weeks after New Year. But, still I want to upload those pictures. Oh, I don't celebrate New Year with countdown and fireworks. The usual celebration is my parent's anniversary, and for their 24th, is was at Zam Zam Arabic Restaurant, Shah Alam.

We got there quite late, around 9 p.m. And the food which rice-based almost sold out. We end up eating kebabs and bread. And we got the food we ordered really late. It gave us a lot of "free" time. See, they don't have the mood to take pictures. But as usual, we as in me, my sister and brother still want to use the "free" time for camwhoring XD

That's what made me plan to eat good food the next day, which on 1st January 2012. This time with him.

Yes, this time it is Delicious! ;)
And here comes the food.

By the time this Hazelnut Cheesecake arrived, our stomach is already full. But still, we figured that it shall not be wasted. So, come on, eat it slowly. I mean really S.L.O.W. Heee~

Time for the finale....................

... focus on the RECEIPT! way too focus. haha
Anyway, thanks for your treat my love ;)

This post is the postponed updates with lots of pictures. Just scroll your mouse reading this entry as it is longer than usual =)