December 01, 2011

Good morning readers! Happy 12th month 0f 2011!

By looking at those tweets and facebook statuses, it seemed like everyone is excited for the last month of 2011. So, let you be the best month so that I'll be excited for 2012. Huh, 2012 already? :)

What I hope for 2012? Nothing much actually except for one or two new phases for me that I hope will be a good changes. No comments until all confirm. And yeah, next year the number is 24. But people still think I'm 20, at most. Haha.

#1 Okay, I watched Puss in Boots last weekend. I'll give 9.5/10 for its rating. Seriously, awesome! I waited for the movie since early this year. And to find that kind of movie is hard. And no! I don't watch Breaking Dawn. I downloaded it and for only 20 minutes, I watched it with half closed eyes. No offense, fans :)

Next must-watch movie is Jack & Jill. Adam Sandler is in it! Hehe

#2 Another thing, what would you do if you have an annoying roommate? The one who keep acting like a secretary, keep asking what you do? why you go out at this time and time? who do you go out with? Even my own friends do not ask me too many questions. Who are you to ask especially you just met me this semester. The kind of roommate who don't get the meaning of privacy. Nak cakap budak-budak, well she's 23 too. So, immature is more appropriate word to describe her.

My close friend suggested that I should just ignore her. Or tell her off straight to her face. The thing is I believe in respect. And I don't like to make an enemy especially on my last few weeks here.

My study so far is okay. But, it's now middle of semester so, I'm juggling with those assignments. With 80 case laws to analyze, it's kind of stressing me out. But, as I know myself, I can handle this. Insyaallah, everything will be fine =)

#3 Last thing, I try this new nasi lemak called Nasi Lemak Hijau. I don't know whether it is sell at another place.

I know it looks unattractive! haha. But the taste is okay. And with a good price too =)

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