Why Bother?

November 02, 2011

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Calling people fake won't make you real

You saw a pretty girl across the street, whom you never even know in your whole life. Just one glance by your stranger's eyes, you're calling her fake. Now, how do you know that? "Just look at the way she dress", "Oh gosh! that skirt is super short!!!" Well, then the girl smile at you, you HAVE to fake a smile at her. Now, who's the faker?

Calling people dumb won't make you smart

"You're so stupid!", "Come on dude, this is very simple! How can u be this dumb??!!" Well, screaming in front of other people's faces won't increase your intelligence level either.

Calling people mean won't make you nice

"You're such a bi**h!". Then u stomped out of the room and meet up with your "BFF(s)". Now, the process of story telling about that bi**h repeated through the meeting. Wow, gossip all over again. Be careful with your words, bad mouthing won't turn you into this nice princess after all.

Calling people ugly won't make you beautiful

Remember people have two sides; internal and external. You might be as beautiful as the pageant queen on the outside but with an ugly heart, you're not beautiful at all. At least, you will never be a natural beauty.

image from: tumblr

Why bother about other people when you're just full of prejudice and jealousy? Keep your mind on your business. That would be better rather than poking around to see someone fall down to the ground.

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