November 19, 2011

Hello people!
How's your Saturday? Mine is okay. I spent most of my day at home.
Well, that's fair since I spent my weekdays outside the home. Haha.

This week I watched 3 movies. Alternate days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
2 with him, one with my sister :D

So, the ranking, according to my taste;

1.Immortals (8/10)
2. Happy Feet 2 (7/10)
3. Adventures of Tintin (5/10)

The food is okay.
The ambiance is what caught my eyes.

Peach Lychee Soda, apparently is in my current Must-Drink-Again list.
Apart from the blue color soda serves at Boston Grill.

Ribbon ring, the cheapest yet one of my favorite accessories
Yes, I like accessories. Which girl does not?

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