Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Woman

I came across ugly truth early this week. Well, the thing made me feel really disappointed. Big time. The person you trust, lied straight to your face. Without her eyes blinking. Wow, when I was at that age, I lied too. But within 10 seconds, the lie would be detected. And how grateful I am, my father punished me at that time for lying.

Yes, I'm not going to portray how perfect I am when I was 13 in this post. Instead, I want YOU to know what a big mistake you made when you lied to the people that love you for the one guy that just confessed he love you about less than a week ago.

I told my besties about this situation as they are also the eldest. I think they're right. The time has changed. And so do kids these days. Oh, sorry, not kids, it's little women and gentlemen wanna-be's. But still, what I think the real deal here is about peer pressure.

Dear YOU, little kids who assume you're a woman at the age 0f 13,

Read this carefully, as I won't tell you direct to your face again.

Little woman #1: My boyfriend is sooooo caring! He thought me how to do fractions! (duhhh)

Little wonan #2: My boyfriend is so romantic. He bought me this gummy bears candies. Cute!

Little woman #3: My boyfriend is perfect. His hair is like Justin Bieber!!! (bluerghhh)

And as other little women hear these they all want to fit in. So, they started to find their so-called "soul mates".

"Why try to fit in, when you should be standing up"

Come on! At that age, it's not love. Seriously, it's just peer pressure so you could have the same topic to gossip and boast. Then, you would fit perfectly with the others.

And those friends of yours, just one glance at them, I know, they would never be the true friends. The true ones, would insist for you to focus on your study, not anything else.

Why want to commit now,
when the right one will come along in just next 7 years, perhaps?
Why want to grow up so fast,
when you still don't know what's the meaning of responsibility?

I've seen these kind of things during my time. You know, girls wasting their time chasing boys when they're so young. Then got broken heart. And their studies eventually..well.. they don't get to go anywhere.

The time will come eventually;
the time when your parents approved your guy,
the time when your date can come to your home and take you out,
the time when you don't have the needs to make up great stories about your guy,
the time when you know, this is the one.

Well, I know for certain. How? Been there, done that.

Lots of love,
Your big sister

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hello people!
How's your Saturday? Mine is okay. I spent most of my day at home.
Well, that's fair since I spent my weekdays outside the home. Haha.

This week I watched 3 movies. Alternate days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
2 with him, one with my sister :D

So, the ranking, according to my taste;

1.Immortals (8/10)
2. Happy Feet 2 (7/10)
3. Adventures of Tintin (5/10)

The food is okay.
The ambiance is what caught my eyes.

Peach Lychee Soda, apparently is in my current Must-Drink-Again list.
Apart from the blue color soda serves at Boston Grill.

Ribbon ring, the cheapest yet one of my favorite accessories
Yes, I like accessories. Which girl does not?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Words

#1 Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right, forget about who doesn't and believe. If you get a chance, then take it. If it changes your life, let it be. Nobody said that it would be easy as long as it is worthy.

#2 Next time you're stressed, take a step back, take a deep breath and laugh. Remember who u are and why you're here. You're never given anything beyond your capabilities. Be strong, flexible, love yourself and others too. And keep moving forward.

#3 The best revenge? HAPPINESS. Nothing drive other people nuts than to see anyone else having a good life. So, be happy.

Note to self:
Bookmark this page. You might need this in your future :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The One That Got Away

...I was June and you were my Johnny Cash...
...Be us against the world...

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why Bother?

image from: tumblr

Calling people fake won't make you real

You saw a pretty girl across the street, whom you never even know in your whole life. Just one glance by your stranger's eyes, you're calling her fake. Now, how do you know that? "Just look at the way she dress", "Oh gosh! that skirt is super short!!!" Well, then the girl smile at you, you HAVE to fake a smile at her. Now, who's the faker?

Calling people dumb won't make you smart

"You're so stupid!", "Come on dude, this is very simple! How can u be this dumb??!!" Well, screaming in front of other people's faces won't increase your intelligence level either.

Calling people mean won't make you nice

"You're such a bi**h!". Then u stomped out of the room and meet up with your "BFF(s)". Now, the process of story telling about that bi**h repeated through the meeting. Wow, gossip all over again. Be careful with your words, bad mouthing won't turn you into this nice princess after all.

Calling people ugly won't make you beautiful

Remember people have two sides; internal and external. You might be as beautiful as the pageant queen on the outside but with an ugly heart, you're not beautiful at all. At least, you will never be a natural beauty.

image from: tumblr

Why bother about other people when you're just full of prejudice and jealousy? Keep your mind on your business. That would be better rather than poking around to see someone fall down to the ground.