Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm officially 23. The older u get, the less exciting your birthday is. Nevertheless, it is good to be alive, healthy and happy. I don't want to ask for more. It's enough =) What I learned, don't expect too much. Don't be too kind until people take you for granted.

Expect the unexpected. I learned it the hard way today. No wishes from the people whom are important to me. So, whatever. I know, some people don't give a damn about birthday. Well, guess what, I am not just some people. So, once a year I want to be important. Too much to ask I guess.

Anyway, thank you friends and strangers. Well, no best friend's wish today. Again, whatever. Twitter's timeline and facebook's wall post, well thank you.

Special thanks to you my love, for the early and only celebration and presents. And of course the late night wish. I love you =)

And now I know, who's gonna stay on VVIP list and whose name I'm gonna.. well slash. Off to bed people :)


Hariq-Sha said...


Happy belated 23rd Birthday, dear!!
Sorry lambat wish.
I was at the orientation program for CBG participant the whole week, and off to Sibu on Saturday and just came back from Sibu late night, last night. My grandma has been admitted. cancer thingy.

Anyways, be happy always.
Semoga murah rezeki selalu, dirahmatiNYA and panjang umur.
See you when I see you ya :)

p/s: at the office, tak dpt nak wish kat fb. hehehe.

Aiza Aidid said...

Hi ain! :)
it's okay, relax2..hehe
la yeke, hopefully she's gonna be alright.

thanks for the wish anyway. bese la kat ofis bole on9 snyp2.. haha :D

^DyaNnaPandA^ said...

hey2..sory gak xsempat wish..
deym pack tau jadual kt sem ni..xsempat bkk FB..huhu..
sory, my dear put cun~

nway, Epy Besday!!!!!

Dyana =)

Aiza Aidid said...

@dyana: it's okay! :) thanks 4 the wish anyway ek..hehe