October 25, 2011


Call it hunch, guts, sixth sense or whatever similar names you have for it. I think everyone has it whether it is strong, mild or weak, it depends on you.

Sometimes, you have this strong feelings that something would goes wrong. Let it be this something is about friendship, relationship or even strangers. But somehow, you still continue with it and end up those feelings are true. It happens, always for me. That's how I learnt to trust my instinct. After all, they say women instincts never wrong.

One more thing, if a girl asks you a question which seemed ridiculous to you, it's either she's avoiding the truth or she's testing whether you're a liar or not. The latter would better. Bitter truth may shattered heart for a while, sweet lies would shattered trust forever.

There's a but. You cannot let instinct to rule your every single decision. Just say, it is used as a guidance when the conventional decision making process runs out of options. Sometimes, you pray and you just got the answer. That's what I'm talking about :)

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