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October 22, 2011

Well, the school has started and in the next 13 weeks, I shall be busy. And, it's my final semester, before entering the new phase, the working life. Oh, before that the good job hunting phase, hopefully.

As I wish on my 1st day back in MMU, may the final one be the best of all :)

I've got a room there for me to crash for two or three nights. Or whenever I'll be having discussions with my friends. At least to enjoy my student life for the last time. Haha! And as I also have some free time, I love to spend some of it with my partner.

Ces fleurs vous menent au dreamland
in English means 'These flowers take you to dreamland'
Hopefully my translation is correct, my French is
a bit rusty by now ;p

Nice place.
Normal food.
Non-stop talking.

That's just us being us. You know that when you are with the right person, you would never be boring. And, yes, these are just one of the usual outings that we usual have =)

Oh, I found out something on twitter that goes like this:

#Libra women tend to look younger than their actual age.

So, how old do you think I am? HAHAHA

p/s: You always made my day :)

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