When You Share Everything On Facebook

September 06, 2011

Ramai sangat dah orang pakai hp canggih sekarang kan? So, this is what u might get if you just too eager to show everything about your life. This video showed just exactly what's happening now. Check-in issue, well, my take for it, it's not wrong. But u made mistake if accepting people u don't know as your friends. Filter your friends list okay? :)

And, when u want to share something on facebook, make sure u filter who can see and who shouldn't. I always & only allow few trusted people to see something if I think that what I shared is too personal.

One more thing, who played foursquare (4sq)? The same thing, don't accept friend request from the unknown. Too many weird people these days. So remembered the rule:

Always say no to strangers

Be careful, both girls and guys.

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