From Strangers To Friends !

September 19, 2011

1/2 year internship.
All sorts of people I've met.
Yes, strangers at first.
But at the end, all are my friends =)

"We're from MMU Cyber" ;p

well, nice knowing both of u! good luck when
u're back at UTP.

Transfer Pricing interns!

Seoul Garden, Nadia's farewell

a few of my farewell gifts. TQVM guys!! ;))

Happy face when internship ends! Hehe

One word, I'm lucky to found strangers like them! Totally saved myself from the 'torture' of an internship. Haha! Well, considering I have no friends at all when I first step in PwC. But at the end, here they are. =)

Post internship
Well, right now I'm relaxing at home. Cherish every moment of my free time. Haha. I've got so many plans to occupy my free time. I'll post my plans for this holiday in another post.

See u guys later! ;)

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