Don't Make These Mistakes When You're On Twitter

September 23, 2011

Good.. morning? Yup, it's Friday morning now. Hello readers ;)

As FB is getting boring by each day, most of us start to look for alternative social network. As for me, I always love twitter more. Hehe. But... For u tweeters, please don't make these mistakes while twitter-ing. The effects are just disastrous!

You MUST NOT tweet these:

#1 You're on a lunch date when u called in sick that morning.
When u're too excited to see your date and at the same time your fingers are itching to hit the 'check-in' function on FB / or eager to collect points on your 4sq (haha!), u actually forgot u're supposed to be 'sick' that day.

#2 Post sarcastic tweets about someone and that person is your follower.
Well, it even worse when those tweets mentioned some names. Again, think before you tweet :)

#3 You're looking for a new job while u're currently still be employed
And your employer or co-workers are your followers. At the end of the day, who knows, u might be getting an early letter of termination instead of you giving in the letter of resignation.

#4 You'll getting brand new stuff when u just borrowed a large amount of money from your friend(s)
The impression is that u're lazy to find your own money and you're a liar. When u ask money from your friend of course u would not tell them the money is to buy brand new stuff for yourself.

#5 You're single when actually you just having rough patches with your partner.
Which relationship don't have problems? And the worst break up style is by posting it on social network. Immature attitudes!

Notes to self:
Twitter is for the people I trust.
Twitter is for the people I find interesting.
Twitter is for people I find inspiring.
Twitter definitely not for relatives / strangers / stalkers etc

Have fun tweeting guys! :)

p/s: The weekend is here. Again.
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