Ramadhan This Year and Ramadhan Previous Years

August 10, 2011


Time fly really fast. It is 10th of Ramadhan already. And there's only 12 working days left for me in PwC. Fly faster, dear time =)

By the way, how's your fasting month? This year is my 1st year fasting outside the campus life after 5 years. Well, if u ask me there's a lot of differences when u puasa kat universiti and kat office. Masa kat campus, bazar terdekat kat sana is bazar Putrajaya. Well, Cyberjaya takde bazar, harap maklum ;p But this year, they decided to have bazar inside MMU pulak. Why oh why time aku study takde?? Hehe. Oh, yes, nak cakap time dah keje takde masa sangat nk pegi bazar. Kat sini, adela bazar tapi kecik la tak mcm kat Putrajaya. The choice of food is limited but nevertheless, be grateful right, dapat makan? =)

Masa kat campus buka dengan geng kan, so best. Not that I'm saying buka puasa dengan family tak best tapi well... ngan family kena behave. Hahaha! Previous years I buka puasa kadang2 kat rumah kawan, kat kedai mane2 or kalau beli kat bazar Putrajaya, buka dekat tepi tasik dekat Precint 2 (I think). Sorry tak ingat sangat precint2 Putrajaya..hehe. Then kalau time sahur of course if kawan ajak sahur pukul 3 or 4 pagi pun okay je kan. Hehe! But bila dah keje it's like, pukul 12 it's the time for u to sleep. Sahur pukul 5 tu pun minum air je before sambung tido sebab 540 kena bangun siap gi keje. That's my current routine. Pretty tiring since I'll reach home almost at 7 every day. Fasting month or not. Sabar je la =)

One good thing is that, bila dah keje badan mcm letih so takde nk makan banyak2. Nak wat apa2 pun lepas buka tak malas ;) Then, time dah keje sangat banyak invitation buka puasa. Department punya lah, company punya lah, colleagues lagi kan. I've got 3 invitations so far, but I decided to go to one only.

Even that I'm on my training, but at this time next year, I'll be working (hopefully). So, this kind of thing will repeat. Well, no more fasting in campus kan. So, yang mana tengah study enjoy tak payah rase nak cepat2 keje. Nothing really best about it except for the salary every month that eventually will.. well, depleted. Hehe

p/s: 6 long months will eventually comes to an end!

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