It Is The Last Week!

August 22, 2011

Mood: Happy!

Well, 6 months of internship is about to end and of course I am happy. Who doesn't? Lama kot 6 bulan tuh ;p And that includes those days which I feel like lazying around the house. Haha! Tapi takde lah selalu sangat memonteng. hehe

And it's 22nd Ramadhan, and only left a few days before Raya. I have not done my shopping yet. Since I want to wait for all my other siblings to be at home. So that means only by this weekend I'm able to go for shopping. Well, last minute la best (konon) baru ada mood raya ;p

This week need to at least complete my intern's report which more like a thesis for about 80% complete. Oh, baru ingat after years of combination Raya and Study Week, this year I'm free for Raya. No more studying in between open houses since no exams are waiting for me a few days after Raya! *double happiness*

I regularly check in Sri Kota Specialist since the last 2 weeks, and my friends keep asking why. So don't worry, it's not me. It's my uncle who's suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Yes, he's still in the ICU. So friends, sorry I can't make it to your Iftar invitations. There would be some other times for us to meet up okay? :)

"There would be a point in your life
when u realize who's important, who never was and
who's worth it all".

Oh by the way, here is something for u guys. Look carefully what's in the picture.

"Kita sudah memindah" is what the banner said.

Kenapa perlu sibuk nak belajar bahasa lain
sedangkan bahasa sendiri tunggang terbalik?

p/s: Yes, I write in English but I make sure my grammar is correct. Or have the least grammatical error :)

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